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George asks…

What internet casinos have the best video poker games online?

admin answers:

Microgaming casinos have the best video poker games online. The pay tables are set the same for all casinos with very high pay tables. Other casino software companies offer different settings for operators to choose and they can offer less than full pay games. There is nothing unethical about it, as you can see the differences on the pay table for yourself. The best thing to do if you want to make sure you get the best game is to play at a Microgaming casino instead because they always have the highest paying or full pay games.

You can find some good Microgaming casinos with an excellent selection of video poker at

Multi-hand games are available too. Most games are available in single hand as well as 4,10,50, and 100 play video poker.

John asks…

What does it mean to run it twice in poker cash games?

I have seen this being done a lot of times at cash games especially on TV, i understand the basic concept but don’t really understand the point of it, and the pay out

admin answers:

In usual poker, when two players are all-in, they run the board once and the player who can make a better hand wins the entire pot. In high stakes games pros sometimes cannot afford losing a huge pot so they want to reduce the risk by „running it twice“.

Here is how it goes: dealer first deals the first board as usual, and then shuffles the cards again and deals the second one. If one player wins both boards, he wins the whole pot. If each player wins one board they split the pot and each wins half of it. You can also have weird situations like when they both have the same hand on one board, but the first player won the other board, so one of them receives 1/4 of the pot etc.

Personally I like to run it twice because it reduces the risk. For example if you have pocket aces, go all-in and get called by pocket kings you don’t want a king on the river to ruin the party. When you run it twice the worse hand is less likely to scoop the whole pot. On the other hand, if you have 4 cards to a straight, go all-in but get called by trips or two pair you have a much better chance of getting at least a part of the pot back and not losing all you have bet on that hand.

Sharon asks…

Looking for a Casino with Poker Table Games in Pennsylvania.?

Really tired of driving down to Atlantic City just to play in tournament. I do know that table games have been approved for all casinos in Pennsylvania, but I haven’t heard of any of them being added yet. Does anyone know any Casinos in the Philadelphia area that is currently offering Poker Tournaments/Cash Games? Anywhere within 50 minutes or so would be fine.

admin answers:

The first one where you’ll be able to play poker is Chester, and I hear that will be in June. See ya there! But now if you were hoping to ask for poker advice on here, you won’t get any from me 😛

Edit: Apparently the radio is saying Delaware Park (Parx) will also have table games in June.

Lisa asks…

Have any ideas for good dealers choice poker games?

Other than the basic 5 & 7 card stud and draw games. If so – please explain. Thanks.

admin answers:

Manila is a popular game that is played in Australia, specifically at the Star City casino in Sydney.

Manila is played with a strip deck of only 7-A (32 total cards). Because it is played with a strip deck, a flush beats a full house.

Very similar to Spanish Poker, the game is played where all players are dealt two hole cards. A total of five community cards are displayed, one at a time. Thus, there are five total rounds of betting because the initial arround commences when all players are dealt their hole cards and one community card is shown. Players use two of their hole cards and three of the community cards to form their final poker hand.

A version of Manila, known as 3-card Manila, is also played. For this version, players are dealt three hole cards. They can use any 2 of their hole cards and 3 community cards to form their final poker hand.

Manila is generally played with fixed-limit betting. For example, in a $5-$10 game, the first round of betting would be $5 bets and raises. In the second, third, and fourth betting rounds, $10 bets and raises are used. The final round of betting involves $20 bets. This is the biggest difference between Manila and Spanish Poker because Spanish Poker is generally played as a no-limit game.

Manila is generally played with only one blind. The person to the left of the dealer posts this blind.

Thomas asks…

Can you win money other than Black jack or Poker on yahoo games?

I see alot of players with thousands of dollars on yahoo black jack and poker is there other games on yahoo you can play to win play money………….

admin answers:

Possibly, but blackjack and poker are the two where the house edge is minimal if you play properly. Here is a tool to help you do that when playing blackjack…


It’s quite neat.

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