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Maria asks…

How do I get rid of negative thoughts in poker tournies?

I’m playing poker doing really good at the beginning but as soon as I hit late I choke and something always goes wrong.. I become scared or something. And it is near impossible to try to replace these thoughts with postive ones because my brain will feel like it’s forcing itself to think positive and end up brain freezing. My negative thoughts always defeat me at the end.

admin answers:

Never try just to induce positive thoughts, they come from actions. For example, if you use a strategy to play poker, you know your odds and the results you get with that strategy, your mind will work based on those results and not on emotion. Negative thoughts come when you become emotional about the way you play your game. If you stay neutral, meaning you don’t get upset because you lost a pot and you get excited because you won a pot, there is nothing to cloud your judgment. You play your hands according to your strategy and you know what to expect and your mind won’t start to over think things. On the other hand if you don’t have rules that guide your poker game most of the time your mind will start to second guess every decision. This is how things happened to me until I had strong rules that guided my game I always used to find my self second guessing my decisions. Hope this helps!

Laura asks…

Solution for online poker players living in places where it may be illegal to gamble online?

Besides moving out, what are other ways of getting around this? Especially , if the player is making $5k a month playing online poker?

admin answers:

Well, the obvious is to legalize it. Write to your MLA or whomever your political representative is.

Failing that and you still wish to play illegally then it’s a matter of what is preventing you from playing.

In the US, it’s the 1961 Wire act that makes betting over phone lines illegal (Internet is on top of phone lines) but a recent court case stated that the 1961 law only applies to sport betting so it’s no longer a hindrance to Poker playing. However a 2006 law prohibits US banks from dealing with online gambling companies. The consequence is that Americans can play but Americans can’t get money in or out of the websites legally. Many of the smaller banks still look the other way so those prepaid credit cards and gift cards might work to deposit cash but withdrawing is a bit of a problem. There are also virtual visa cards for Internet shopping many of which are small operations in foreign countries, you would use your regular credit card to put money on the virtual then use the virtual to put money into the website, withdrawals would be to the virtual and then you either use it to buy stuff or to wire money to yourself. Many of the shadier websites will also miscode the credit code transaction so that the credit card company doesn’t know it’s for gambling till they investigate. In general, playing isn’t a problem, depositing is a bit of a problem and withdrawing would be difficult but not impossible.

Then there’s the issue of technical hindrance. Does the website block US IP addresses. Many of them would in order to avoid losing their gambling license if they operate in a country that requires that they be regulated such as the UK. Some of them may allow access from US IP addresses but refuse to allow withdrawals on a US ID. It’s relatively easy to get a foreign ID if you’re willing to travel such as a liquor control board ID or a DMV ID only ID. If they do block IP addresses, then you need to find an open proxy server in another country. There are plenty of them, often set up by University students in their Dorm rooms so that they can get around University firewalls. Many viruses are for the express purpose of setting up a proxy so many people’s home and office computers are already proxies.

Ultimately, you could arrange a peer to peer game. You’ll need to advertise (Craigslist), you’ll need a dealer, some way to communicate (chat rooms, web cams, Skype) and someone trusted to hold the player’s money in escrow for the game. It’s really only a matter of time before someone bundles all that functionality into a peer to peer file sharing program. The tough part would be the escrow but a foreign financial institution could probably be found or if somehow an individual can somehow gain the reputation for being trustworthy. Perhaps if you start small in a social network.

Then you can always hold a poker night at home.

Steven asks…

What is the best place on line to find poker players?

I would like to start a consistant weekly home poker game. (Legal in my state)

What are the best places to find new players?

admin answers:

Here’s one of the best place for you to find players in your city and state:

William asks…

Where can you find a good online poker room?

Online poker is growing popular these days. Where can i get a good online poker room?

admin answers:

I would recommend playing at Poker Stars, Full Tilt or Doyles Room but there are a few others out there that you might like to check out. You can read the reviews of the top online poker rooms at to find what your looking for in a poker room, there is also bonus and freeroll info. For each site listed there, good luck.

John asks…

What should I consider when choosing between an octagon poker table and a Texas Hold Em style table?

I want to buy a poker table or table top for my husband but know very little about the game. Which is better for playing poker at home with „the guys“? The classic poker table or the oblong Texas Hold Em style table- is it a matter of preference or does the shape of the table actually MEAN something?

admin answers:

I have run a poker club in Arkansas for more than 3 years, and I have found that the closer you can get to a round table the better.

With an octagon, everyone can see the cards well, dealing is easier, and raking chips (winning a hand) is easier.

An oval shaped table makes it tough for the players at the ends to see the cards, to deal the cards, and to rake a pot.

The only way an oval table would be a good use is if the guys had a full-time dealer who sat in the middle of the table and was in control of the game. This rarely happens with „the guys.“ Usually each person takes turns dealing.

On a side note, I would recommend buying your husband two decks of plastic cards. They last forever! If you spill a liquid on them, they can be wiped off and they will still work! You can even wash them in your dishwasher. They are called „Copag“ or „Kem“ Cards.

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