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Mark asks…


Im trying to play poker stars on the computer. But when i go to play money it does not load up. It loads when i go to No limit or pot limit. Can someone help me?

admin answers:

Fix limit holdem is showing up now. I don’t play poker for fun so not sure but often during server updates poker sites will pull the play tables to keep the cash games going. I’d try again. They should be fine now.

Steven asks…


Do you play at to win chips to send them to main, to where you can doulble your winnings? and does anyone know the trick how to beat the test site?

admin answers:

It’s hard to make any kind of real money from freerolls since there are so many people playing them. However it’s excellent experience and the competition while not great is miles better than any play money table. When you can it’s good to start out with some real cheap stuff like micro limit tables or micro limit tournaments which will give you the opportunity to make a bit of money and get lots of good experience.

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George asks…


How the heck do you put an image in there?!
I go to account
and its there…but it wont let me do it….can anyone help

admin answers:

You have to be playing on the .com site, not the .net site. Once you upload your image, it will take a few days to be cleared, it will then appear. You can only ever change it once after that so choose wisely.

John asks…


How many of you have one?
Tell me ur ID and we can play against eachother 🙂
I h8 ppl who say something like that, just to get 2 damn freakin points!

admin answers:

Nope I dont play

Jenny asks…


How do you get chips!!!!!! I was under the impresion that this was free???? do i really have to buy chips???????? please answer

admin answers:

Pokerstars is free, getmore free chips by visiting the cashier and the instructions are there, it is simple, just click for more chips.You do not have to buy chips to play for free or in the freerolls, where you can win money if you have a cash account.

And here is a link to some online sites that offer Poker and are 100% USA legal, which means you are protected by US law in the event of any problems. And you can legally use your credit cards and get paid fast by check.

Here is a link:…

Good luck at the tables.

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