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Sandy asks…

Why did every politicians likes to play poker games.?

I have found many politicians playing games like poker and black jack. when i ask them about it they said its Entertaining. Is it same the politics and poker.

admin answers:

Gambling and the sweeter side of stress

Chris asks…

Is there more skill needed in heads up poker than in full ring games?

I’ve been playing a lot of Heads up poker lately, cash games. Usually 1/2 NL, so I buy in for $200. Do you think there’s more skill needed to be successful here than at a 1/2 NL 9 man full table? Also, I’ve noticed that rake really drains both players playing heads up in a cash game. Would it be smarter to play heads up Sit n gos instead?

admin answers:

Good question. They’re two different animals but my opinion is yes, heads-up is a harder game.

In full ring you have to play your cards more, because the cards matter more. In heads-up it’s more about playing the person and that’s the harder aspect of poker. There are more 3-bet and 4-bet bluffs, more situations that merit calling a guy down with Ace High, that kind of thing. Now that’s playing poker! You don’t see nearly as much of that in full ring.

The other thing about heads-up is that it can be harder to mix up your play and keep yourself from being transparent. And when you win a battle, it’s right on to the next one with that same person, there are no breaks and the two of you are likely to be in the same situation again soon. For instance say you’re playing against Annette Oberstad, who plays her button very aggressively, almost always betting when you check to her. One hand you decide to punish her: you have nothing, but you check-raise her and she folds. But then two hands later it’s the same exact thing, you have nothing and are first to act. Do you check-raise again? This time she might decide to call or 3-bet, regardless of her cards. So you see it can be tricky…you don’t wanna make yourself obvious, but you also don’t wanna give up most of the pots just in an effort to not be obvious. In 9-handed you don’t have this kind of dilemma, unless maybe the same 9 players decided to play a really long session together.

Those are the inherit reasons I think heads-up is harder. But there’s also a circumstantial reason: the opponents. In 9-handed you’re often playing against multi-tablers. They might play well, but not as well as if they were devoting their attention to one table. Their play will be more mechanical and they’ll be missing some information as a result of paying less attention. So it should be easier to gain an edge on them than someone focusing just on you (unless you too are multi-tabling in full ring). Also, I think heads-up tends to attract good players who are confident in their game. Of course you’ll find fish in heads-up, but they might be harder to find. Sometimes there will be a few tables with a shark waiting in them (who you always see playing heads-up), and you might have to open your own table and just hope a fish joins.

As for SnG’s, I don’t know, I guess you can try both. The drawback with SnG’s is that there is a little less skill because of the increasing blinds which limit the time of the match. So I recommend the regular, non-turbo ones. In lower stakes the SnG’s attract worse players than the cash games. I don’t know if the same is true with $200 matches.

Lisa asks…

Is it Legal to hold poker games for money in PUBS IN IRELAND?

Ireland only please. Thanks.

admin answers:

Tornaments yes, but you have to hold a phoney membership. Cash games, no. If u wanna play cash poker, go to the Jackpot Card Club on Montague Street, just off Camden St in Dublin.

They have a good tournament at the Red Cow hotel too, you’d have to look into it

Wouldn’t recommend Fitzwilliam casino though.

Daniel asks…

questions regarding the georgia skill video poker games that people play in gas stations?

I was planning on buying some machines to put in gas stations here in GA. I was wondering where I could find those at the best price and if they still had electronic devices that manipulated the machines like they use to for the old cherry master machines. If anyone knows where I could find the machines or the cheating devices please let me know

admin answers:

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Joseph asks…

are there any good multiplayer plug and play poker games?

I want a handheld game to play on the tv with my family that is good and hopefully cheap.
I meant plug and play like to play with other people at your house on your tv, not internet poker.

admin answers:

Try Facebook for a good and free poker game. Zynga is famous over there.

For a good poker dedicated sites you may refer to FullTilt and PokerStars also.

As you are playing with family so you wont be playing money games. So go for and

There are other good poker rooms also. See about them at

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