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Lisa asks…

Question about requests on

I was playing around on Can you add an avatar, its not letting me. Also the find a player option is blacked out. This wasnt the case on .com

admin answers:

Email , they answer any question within 2-5min (usually)

Sharon asks…

on are you gambling money or is just pretend money ?

eg if i gamble a $100 and lose do i have to pay it back or is it fake money
so if i lose nothing happens

admin answers:

There are free tables and there are real money tables. You cant go in a real money table unless you had money in your pokerstars account. Or even sit at the table.

Steven asks… or

Okay a friend wanted me to play pokerstars but there is a .net and a .com, which one is legit? (i want to play for free.)

He said the one he does starts you with 1000 chips, and if you run out you can refresh your chips 3 times per hour, and your account builds up chips, and it’s all free.


admin answers:

.net is free and .com you can buy chips and in pay to eneter games so if you want free games play on

Laura asks…

Where can i buy play chips for

with a credit card

admin answers:

You don’t have to pay for play chips. Just look around your account screen, there’s probably an option to reload. Play chips are called „play“ because they are free to start with, but you can’t win money either. (Unless its a special tourney or something.)

If you want to buy REAL credits/chips with your creditcard, I’m sure Pokerstars has links all over the place to make a deposit.

Ken asks…

how come my pic on willnt come on my profile?

admin answers:

Because you are to ugly to be shown.


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fk et yoz

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