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Betty asks…

A pirate game where you could play many games + poker?

I used to play this game maaaaany years ago but I can’t remember the game anymore..
You had to work on a boat and you could choose between some games.
You could also go to the city and play games like hearts and poker.

Someone knows where Im talking about? xoxo
YES! it was puzzle pirates lol thank you so much.

admin answers:

I think you mean puzzle pirates.

Susan asks…

why i cant open my facebook poker games n why was it block by the firewall 9339?

why my facebook poker game has been blocked by the firewall

admin answers:

Keep refeshing a new page sign in again then have a look

Ruth asks…

Know of any fun casino/poker night type games to play at a Casino themed birthday party?

I am throwing a casino night birthday party for my husband. I want it to be fun for our guests. I want my guests to play games but I don’t want to tie anyone down to a table (to deal all night). And I can’t afford to hire dealers. And I don’t think they want to play games all night anyway, so I need ideas on quick and easy games to play.

Kind of like baby shower games. I have awesome prizes but need help with the games.

admin answers:

Dice games like Bunco or Yahtzee are always fun. Poker for peanuts is also a staple at get togethers with friends. Dress it up by covering the tables with green felt.

You could also rent a roulette wheel from your local party store.

David asks…

Does any1 know of any really good online human mobile poker games?

admin answers:

I really don’t think there are any good ones for cell phones.

Sharon asks…

Any one know were can i download or purchase good poker games to play offline.?

admin answers:

Try to download these games:

Poker Superstars II:

Tik’s Texas Hold ‚Em

Poker Superstars III

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