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Charles asks…

Does anyone know a site thats free to play the older poker games ty?

Kings and little ones ,follow the queen ,jacks and 4s ,aces deases,ponsy and guts thnx

admin answers:

Poker Games

Sandra asks…

What other games besides poker is good for stripping games?

I am looking for other types of card games or board games or anything.

admin answers:

Strip Trivial Pursuit. Every wrong answer costs you an article of clothing. Now generally I like intelligent women, but in this case …

Like your taste in games!

Donna asks…

For hours now I am trying to get into a poker games room Hold em poker through the www.hi5 connections ,whats?

Why it is taking so long to get seated into a room?

admin answers:

Not sure about that site, but I never have a problem finding games at this site here . There’s no deposit and you can earn points for cash prizes. They have many daily tournaments and a whole lot more. It only takes a few seconds to join. Good luck!

Robert asks…

disable pop ups in club pogo poker games?

I want to play high stakes poker in club pogo, but pop up blocker wont let me in, help me please.

admin answers:

Go to control panel and click on internet options and click the privacy tab and the turn off the pop up blocker

Steven asks…

How to play long games of poker?

You always hear of poker players playing for 36 hours plus non-stop. Can someone tell me how they stay awake and able to cocentrate for that long without stopping or making stupid mistakes? P.S. Without the use of illegal drugs!

admin answers:

It is impossible to play for that length or anything close to that without making mistakes. Making mistakes is probably the reason anyone WOULD paly that long, to try and make up for their miscues.

To play that long takes a rare type of player/person. Some1 that is highly addictive, has serious gambling issues, and yes I’m sure coffee/caffeine pills help!

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