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Laura asks…

I cannot load any poker games on this pc, is there something i need to download first?

I am running windows xp on this pc. I keep getting a box that says — signiture expired or wrong time settings. I need help please.

admin answers:

Yes you need to download „timewaster“ software to your hard drive immediately. I think you can find this software on, or

John asks…

Web site for finding poker players for home games?

What are the best web sites for finding local poker players for home games?

admin answers:

Hey…. Just be careful with these things. Entering someone elses home game is asking to be mugged in a rigged game.

If you want a live game, try a casino?

Jenny asks…

When growing a poker bankroll – what games would you be playing?

The faster you can grow your bankroll, the better. But what games are you going to choose to achieve this. Can it best be done by playing in cash games (6 max or full tables?), s&g’s or tournaments? – assuming you’re equally skilled (and profitable) at all of them.

admin answers:

You never know…for each person is different…Each person has a average ROI or winrate.What stakes, what buy-in he plays.You cannot compare cash game and sng s.
The best thing is to try to see what suits you(play and see – but you never know if you dont play alot)
You probabily should play like 1 month SNGs, 1 month cash games and to keep track of your average hourly win.But even after 1 month you dont know for sure(you may have a bad run that month)

Mandy asks…

Are there other games played with cash besides poker?

I’m looking for other games that are played with cash like poker but are more skilled based than luck. I figured since poker does have a luck aspect more people will play, but I’m looking for other games as well whether they exist online or not. I heard backgammon was a bit like this.
Edit: Ok, what I meant is that cash is a consistent part of the game rather than win/lose the whole game.

admin answers:

I read the other answers, then I read your „Additional Details“ about „rather than win/lose the whole game.“

Every time there is money involved, it’s typically „win/lose“ the whole game. Every poker hand is a „whole game“ in itself. Then another hand is dealt, and it’s a whole new game.

The only difference between that and a game of pool, is usually a game of pool will last a little bit longer. Then again, some pool games can be very short (a couple minutes), and some poker hands can take 10 minutes and sometimes longer.

Here is the main point I’d like to make: When it comes to casino games, poker is the one that takes the MOST skill!

Backgammon is very similar to poker in that it is a luck-based game where the long-term winners are decided by skill. In other words, in both games ANYONE might win one game. In the LONG RUN, however, the skilled player will win more often.

Gin Rummy, Set-Back, and Bridge are other games where skill will prevail in the long run. All of these can be played for money.

James asks…

what games can you play with a deck of poker cards?

i have a deck of 52 poker cards what different games can i play with them?

admin answers:

Strip holdem, strip goldfish, strip deuces, strip 52 card pickup

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