Your Questions About Poker Rules

Susan asks…

some doubts on poker rules?

what happens when two people play a round of betting and in the second betting the player raises 50$ but the opponent does not hav cash anymore…..what happens now?

admin answers:

Normally, as soon as your last penny goes into the pot you’re considered ‚all in‘. This means that you can only win the section of the pot for which you have matched the bets of your opponents. If your opponents continue betting during the same hand, they are creating what’s known as a side-pot. You are only eligible to win the main pot, not the side-pot. This type of poker game is called ‚table stakes‘.

Rarely, a poker game will be played which is not table stakes. This means that in the middle of a hand you are allowed to bet any amount which you are believed to be able pay.

In any poker game you must set the betting rules before you begin play. As long as everyone at the table understands and agrees, you can structure the game however you wish, that’s the beauty of it.

Donna asks…

Question about hold ‚em poker rules : why did three 2’s beat three aces?

I was watching the World Series of Poker last night, and a player had pocket 2’s, and one came up on the flop, giving him three of a kind. Another player had one pocket ace, one came up on the flop, and one on the turn, supposedly giving him three of a kind (aces). But the player with three 2’s won the hand. Why exactly is that? Is some distinction made between „native“, or pocket cards, and those that come up on the flop, turn, and river? If you can explain this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
Oh yeah! Duhhhh!!! Thanks folks – forgive my brain fart : )

admin answers:

The player that had pocket 2’s has a full house because you use a total of 5 cards. The other player only had 3 of a kind.

Helen asks…

Rules of Poker (Texas Hold ‚Em)?

i really want to be able to play poker but i don’t know anything about it ! Could someone please give me instructions and rules. Explain EVERTHING as i don’t understand at all !!!!

Thanks 🙂

admin answers:

Just go to Google, (or any other search engine) and type in

Rules + texas hold ‚em

in the search bos and then hit ENTER.

You’ll probably find dozens of good links that explain the rules.

Mandy asks…

poker rules??????????????

if the main cards on the table are 4, 6, 3, Q(queen), 7

One hand : 5 and 7
Other hand: 5 and 8
who wins????????
the 5 and 7 has a pair of sevens

admin answers:

The other hand win: 5 and 8
It has a large straight 4,5,6,7,8
The 1 hand had: 5 and 7
It just got a small straight 3,4,5,6,7
The other hand beat the one hand.

Robert asks…

poker rules?

texas hold’lem on the board two pair sixes and sevens one player has ace four the other ths a pair of two’s who wins

admin answers:

If I hear you right the board is 2 pair 6’s and 7’s…one player has A4 the other dueces??

A4 wins as long as another duece does not come up on the board.

You can only play 5 cards….5 best would be the two pair ace kicker, other player has two pair duece kicker….

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