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Paul asks…

Can Yahoo online games be enlarged?

I had been playing Mah Jong at Yahoo since the late 90’s. This past December I lost almost all of my vision due to diabetic retinopathy. I am able to make out the physical tiles but not what is printed on them so I cannot play. I really miss this game! I know there are others on the market but I have several favorites on the Yahoo version. Please, can the tiles be enlarged? I also miss the video poker games and Pyramids. Please let me know if there is an onscreen command or a utility to help out. Thank you! Anxiously awaiting some good news… has not been much of that lately. BTW, I am using Linux.
Hooray for text enlargement or I would be REALLY … sunk. 🙂

admin answers:

There is a program on freeware which you can download that increases the size of everything. Here is the name of the program and you can get it on any freeware site for download. Intel(R) 810/810E/815/815E/815EM Chipset Graphics Driver Software. Notice the difference when you are playing your game. Why even my radio box on Yahoo Music for my radio station is huge.

John asks…

Would you like to buy a bridge?


Only in America. Here, even the barest infrastructure is tossed upon ante into the poker pot of rich class slavers.
@Reality is not baised – could you speak up?
@Yo Rico – looks like your class passed out free sheepskin.

admin answers:

If I could make money off of it (toll road) and use it to help Detroit…

Then maybe

Daniel asks…

Psychology- question 9?

One of the best ways to exercise your logical thinking process is to ___________. A) do cryptic crosswords or other puzzles. B) play games like chess, checkers, or poker. C) watch Fox News versus CBS news and decide who is fair, unfair, balanced, or unbalanced. D) all of these would be useful

admin answers:

I think the answer is D.

But I do not believe in Poker.

Richard asks…

why is gambling illegal in texas?

i was watching the news a few days ago and i saw this report about a guy who may have to go to jail for playing poker for money with his friends

i dont remember how long they said, but i remember it was a ridiculous amount of time.

also, how did he get in trouble but none of the people he was playing with did?
sure, pardner…

admin answers:

Because repubs and dems like big government

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone approve of the Australian Government’s idea of fingerprinting ‚problem‘ gamblers…?

,,so as to restrict their gambling?

„Clubs have urged the federal government to rule out putting fingerprint locks on poker machines as parliament begins seeking solutions to problem gambling.“

„Clubs Australia executive director Anthony Ball said such a system – where a fingerprint would be linked to a USB stick – would treat gamblers like criminals“
EDIT: I guess my point is asking at what point government of all kinds butts out of the lives of people and lets them make their own mistakes. Also – does not a government hanging on by the fingernails of three Independents need to look at greater issues than people blowing their money on gambling? We gamble on THEM, and they spend billions without accounting that we can see and understand.

admin answers:

If Australia is really considering that, it would be a huge violation of human rights and individual freedom. Who gave them the right to do something like that? I don’t think the government was appointed by God with unlimited power. Anyone proposing such an incredibility dumb thing should be removed from office now.
People have every right to make good decisions and make lots of money. They also have the right to make bad decisions and lose money. That’s freedom. Does Australia believe in freedom?

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