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Laura asks…

Does anyone have pokerstars freeroll password for tonight?

admin answers:


All caps.. This has been answered quite a few times now…

Sharon asks…

wildblue and pokerstars game?

we have satellite for our computers and we play the game pokerstars, but now wildblue is saying that we go over our limit because we upload things to the websights. why is a upload?

admin answers:

Basically any thing that you do on the internet will have some upload and download. is an online game so it is on the internet. Every move you make has to be uploaded to the server so it knows what you are doing with your cards. Also there has to be some upload to keep you signed in to your game. As far as the total usage that pokerstars would use I have no idea on that but I do know that there would be some uploading and downloading on that game.

Carol asks…

Would a netbook be good for web surfing and spreadsheet management?

I am looking at some of the inexpensive netbooks, and trying to figure out if it is worth it. Here is what I need t to be able to do:

Surf the net
Use Y! Messenger
Use basic spreadsheet program for home business
Play some online games (, yahoo games, etc)

I know some of them don’t use windows, but use a different OS (linux?). Would this be an issue with what I am wanting to do?

admin answers:

Surfing and games, yes. Spreadsheets, no. The screen is too small and you’d have to magnify the spreadsheets quite a bit to work with them which would cause it to be very slow to work with them.

Ken asks…

what is the password for the living the dream tournament being held june 26th?

i would like to know the password for the living the dream tournament being held june 26th at

admin answers:

I don’t know sorry.

Chris asks…

pokerstars window pop ups?

Is there anyway I can get the tables in to stop popping up when its my turn to call/bet/raise?

admin answers:

Yes. While in the PokerStars lobby click on the options tab at the top of the screen. From the drop down menu click „Advanced Multi-Table Options“ then uncheck „Popup table whenever user action is required“ and click ok and your done.

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