Your Questions About Pokerstars

George asks…

Anyone else having trouble depositing on to pokerstars with the vanilla mastercard?

PokerStars needs to get it together here.

admin answers:

The vanilla mc hasn’t been working for a while…

Michael asks…

Why is my Pokerstars account making me cashout?

I logged into my Pokerstars account today after not being on in a few months, and when I went to check my balance (it was on like $4 lol) in the „cashier“ section a notice popped up saying that due to government regulations I am required to cashout all my available funds. What is going on?

admin answers:

PokerStars, Full Tilt, and UB were all banned, and 11 executives were arrested last week. Online poker is illegal in the US, and the sites were shut down for funding american players money to play. The sites were allowed to cash out the players, and if you wanna keep playing online I would recommend either Sportsbook, Carbon, Cake, or Lock poker websites. Pretty unfortunate and being dubbed as the poker black friday.

For more information just google poker black friday, or Pokerstars ban, or anything of that matter and you will find a ton of articles.

Sandy asks…

How do I deposit money with Epassporte to my Pokerstars Account?

I made an epassporte account and had loaded minimum amount into the epassporte, but when I go into pokerstars and try to deposit money through epassporte…it says Processing and than tells me it is the way when I looked at the steps on pokerstars for the transfer procedure of epassporte to pokerstars, it said that I should be able to see a window that pops up and asks me for my epassporte name and password when I try to deposit..but I don’t see that.I only see the processing part and then it says declined…??????…I already put money in my epassporte…so Why Doesn’t it work??? someone please help me???

admin answers:

Never had a problem with and poker stars. I’d email support at poker stars and ask them what is going on.

The only thing I can imagine is if you are trying to deposit too small an amount.

Lisa asks…

Can you have 2 pokerstars accounts in 1 house?

Someone in my family plays on pokerstars, I don’t use their computer and they don’t use mine so could I make a pokerstars account and play there?? I won’t be playing with real money ever, maybe tournaments but only with play money.

admin answers:

Yes.. We had 2 accounts when we could play there.. Just E mail support.. The only deal is both accounts can not be logged in and playing at the same time..

Charles asks…

Why cant i transfer money to my friend on PokerStars?

I want to send my friend some money on pokerstars so he can play with me, but when i go to transfer him the money, it only lets me transfer a certain amount, an amount that is under the minimum transfer amount. Anyone know why this is?

admin answers:

Contact PokerStars, maybe there is a bug or your account has some restrictions.

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