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James asks…

If Video poker games are on a random draw,can the casino set them to pay better?

I don’t see how they could set them if it’s random draw.Maybe pay better ?But not increased in number of winning hands hands?

admin answers:

Video poker is based on a random number, just like shuffling a deck of cards. In places like Vegas it is a legal requirement that this random number be random, so people can’t be ripped off.

The way they get the house edge is with the payout table. Some machines offer better odds for a straight or a flush or even the jackpot (a royal or on some machines five of the best). So simply by choosing the right odds for the payout table they can fix the house edge anywhere between 0% and 20% or worse.

If you are going to play a lot of video poker do some research and learn how to spot a good payout table.

The casino also makes additional profit by a player not playing maximum credits (usually a lower jackpot payout), and people not playing the best strategy. Remember that the theoretical house edge increases if you don’t play perfect math strategy. So the beauty of this game from the casino’s perspective (which is different from a slot machine) is that even if they set the payout table to 99% payout, if you play like an idiot and play minimum credits, you could easily increase the house edge from 1% to 10% or more.

So learn perfect math strategy, and how to spot a good payout table, and you will have a much better edge than the average player. Also remember to use your comp card.

Joseph asks…

are there any good offline poker games to play? where u just play cpu controlled characters?

apparently pkr is free to download? but is it offline playable against cpu?

admin answers:

Full tilt poker! I started there with play money chips and when you hit a certain amount you can turn them into real money $5 so why not!

Ruth asks…

Any friendly Home poker games in Houston tonight?

A friend and I are looking to play a friendly cash or tournament in Houston Texas tonight. Looking for a legal rake-free home game.

admin answers:

No-Limit Hold’em poker for both real money and free are available weekly at Friday and Saturday nights. Crowd is mostly young professionals 21-40. Game is in a very nice community, indoors.

Chris asks…

how to send other players messages when playing poker games?

when playing poker games players send messages back and forth how do i send a message

admin answers:

If you’re playing online, type your message in the text window and press Enter.

If you’re playing in a casino, type it on your phone and press Send.

John asks…

Legal consequences of playing in underground poker games in Canada?

What will happen if you are caught playing in an underground game and police show up?

admin answers:

Up to 6 months in jail although you’d probably just get a fine.

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