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Charles asks…

Does PokerStars Check The Age of Majority In your jurisdiction when doing money transfers?

Are they able through any mean detect that I am under the age of majority(19) when i am doing money transaction using a bank account that belongs to me?

Pokerstars terms states that

I) You must be over 18
II) You must be Over the Age of Majority

So how safe am i to fund my pokerstars account using a bank account belonging to an 18 year old when the age of majority is 19?

admin answers:

You may be asked to scan a copy of your state-issued ID for verification, but as long as you are over 18 they won’t care. That is the legal age to play on PokerStars.

Donna asks…

Would anyone be kind enough to sell me 1million or more play chips on pokerstars?

I lost a whole lot and i am having trouble getting it back together with only 1,000. I will pay 11$ per million play chips. If interested let me know your pokerstars name on the answer or by E-mail.

admin answers:

Go on ebay and some dude will sell you 10 million for 8 bucks

Linda asks…

Why do so many people have baby pictures on PokerStars?

And why do so many people have dog and other pet pictures on PokerStars?

Why do people with these avatars always suck?

admin answers:

A – They are proud and want to show off their new baby / pet
B – They want you to see the picture of a cute little dog or whatever and be lead into a false sense of security about how good they are.
C – They want to put on a picture so that they are unique but don’t want to show their own face for whatever reason.

The fact that they suck… Coincidence? Because they’re less likely to be as ruthless? Because of B?

Laura asks…

Where is the best place to buy and sell pokerstars play money chips?

I have a ton of play money on pokerstars and have been looking to sell them. I have sold a little bit to but was wondering if there where any better sites around.

admin answers:

I have not used any of these sites personally, but two other websites that I’ve heard of friends using are:

Like I said, I’ve never used these sites personally, but have heard good things about them.

Susan asks…

How to transfer money from pokerstars to fulltilt?

I want to transfer funds from my pokerstars account to fulltilt

admin answers:

There are actually a few choices. You can use an e wallet or your credit card or alternatively you can us a site like Basically you use a player to player poker transfer to send to somebody what you are looking to get rid of and they will transfer back what you are looking to buy. Its becoming a growing popularity to transfer poker money back and forth with other members. Go to if you want to learn more about this niche.

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