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Robert asks…

Where can I get a pokemon with the pokerus virus for soul silver?

my friend code is 3696 2999 4926. I’m trying to get 1 pokemon to spread it to my others and having trouble.

admin answers:

You just have to be extremely lucky with wild encounters. You can’t get it off a trainer’s Pokemon. I’ve gotten it off all manner of Pokemon, not just Shuppets– for example, in HeartGold I first encountered it in the Safari Zone, on a wild Sandshrew which I caught. I had an empty slot so it went on my team, and only later when I checked my team (after numerous wild encounters) did I realize that my entire team had Pokerus. It can be on legendaries (my Suicune had it) but this is even more rare.

So just wander around, fight wild Pokemon, and you may eventually run into it. If not, go here: There is a special trading thread where you can ask for items and Pokerus-infected Pokemon, and most people who have it will be more than happy to trade you a random Pokemon that has it.

David asks…

Pokemon Diamond: What happens if a lvl 100 pokemon gets the pokerus?

I got a Moltres from the GTS with Pokerus, and I want to spread it to some of my pokemon, but I have a lvl 100 Rayquaza whom I don’t want to spread to because it would be useless since he can’t grow anymore. And I keep him in my party for using Fly and for Exp Share with other pokemon. So what I am saying, what happens if my Rayquaza gets the Pokerus?

admin answers:

Nothing since they only get a boost if they are going up levels

Betty asks…

A question about how Effort values work, Vitamins, and Pokerus in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Let’s say I’m trying to get Magmortar’s special attack as highest it can be. Let’s pretend Magmortar is a level 1 and has not used any of his effort values yet. If I kept using vitamins to get his special attack up would Pokerus not work anymore after all his effort values are used or what?

admin answers:

Pokerus always doubles the amount of EV’s you get. But it does not double EV’s from vitamins. You get 10 EV’s from vitamins. In fact if you use 10 vitamins that should be the very first thing you do when EV training is to use vitamins. Because they only go up to 100 and it ceilings at that point. The rest you need to get through battling.

If you max out a pokemon sp. Att. At 252 and it had pokrus you could use 10 calcium’s max and no matter what you’d have 100 EV’s. Not 200. The other 152 would have to be gotten through battling. Pokerus doubles EV’s and compounds with EV’s items such as the macho brace or power items. Everything is multiplied together.

Mandy asks…

How long does it usually take to EV train one pokemon using pokerus and vitmains?

I was really wandering if I could EV train 3 pokemon in 1 weekend lol. I have a match soon.

admin answers:

EV training a Pokemon with Pokerus, Vitamins, and Power Items, and you should be done training one Pokemon in about 15 minutes. You should have plenty of time EV training all three of them.

Hope this helps!

Ruth asks…

Does pokerus go away if the pokemons are on pokemon ranch?

I deposited some pokemons who had pokerus on ranch and i was wondering if it will go away.
is it the same as being in a pc?

admin answers:

It doesn’t ‚go away‘, per se, but it is simply contained if you leave the infected Pokemon in there. In other words, it may (or may not) go away from that Pokemon, but it would keep it from spreading to others.
But..I’ve always seen Pokerus as an advantageous thing.

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