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Betty asks…

Do you think Pokerstars is really rigged?

I hear a lot of people complain about it being set up to induce more action through ridiculous hands in order to increase rake. And people call it „jokerstars“ and so on…Do you think there is any truth to it or that people are just bitter? Some crazy things sure do seem to happen a lot but I don’t know if its just perception because you play a lot more hands online or if there really is some validity to it.

If you do think pokerstars is rigged do you think any other of the online poker sites such as full tilt are better?

admin answers:

I don’t know how it happened, but the other day I wound up watching bad beats on YouTube. Some people record their play, and if they get aces cracked or something they post the hand and cry and moan about how terribly rigged PokerStars, FullTilt, or whatever site they’re playing on is. Seriously, search YouTube for „bad beats“. And then Sharkscope the player name of the person who posted it. Out of a dozen videos I watched I did not find a SINGLE person who had better than a -20% ROI. They were all losers, every single one. I know that doesn’t take into account cash games. But real card players, those that have seen tens of thousands of hands and profit on a regular basis, know that crap like that happens, and they don’t gripe about it (at least not much). Look at the WSOP Main Event this year. Quad aces vs. A royal flush. Countless runner runner beats. Case cards hitting on the river. Guys flopping the nut flush and losing to full houses. That’s poker, and if you cry that the game is rigged then you probably just haven’t seen enough hands.

The question I always ask is, if you’re so certain the game is rigged then why are you still playing? If the game’s a cheat and you still play then you’re an idiot. I had a guy on Pokerstars call the moderator on me once when he started grousing about a „bad beat“ and I pointed out that he was only a 53% favorite when he got his money in. Sometimes the truth hurts.

James asks…

How do people cash out their pokerstars play money chips without ever leaving the table?

I’ve seen people with 20k at a table sit out and come back with 2 k without leaving the table?

admin answers:

I know real money doesn’t allow this… You have to wait atleast 1 hour I think. Play money must allow this because it is not real money.

Mandy asks…

Why did Pokerstars cut back seats to their freeroll tournaments?

A few weeks ago the lamount of seats were 9000 and now it is down to only 5000! Why would they do this?

admin answers:

They haven’t said but I suspect it’s because the tourneys took so long with so many players. Fortunately they haven’t cut the number of seats they give to the Round 2 tourneys so it makes it a little easier to win a seat. It does make it more difficult to sign up but I actually prefer the smaller field.

Lizzie asks…

How to open a new account on PokerStars without getting banned?

How do they check if the new account belongs to same user?

admin answers:

The only reason you’d need 2 accounts is to play 2 positions at a table and cheat. Since I play at pokerstars this means I’m one of the people you’d be cheating. Why would I help you do this?

Charles asks…

How often does Pokerstars give you money to play with?

It gave me $5 once and I was just curious of will it do that again?

admin answers:

I know I got $5 once from them too a couple of years ago but never again. I usually get 25 free dollars every two months from Party Poker and sometimes even 10 dollars for their casino….

If you don’t have an account with them I recommend you get one if you want free cash!

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