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Jenny asks…

What do you thing about sports betting and gambling online at BetCRIS?

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admin answers:

I think is a nice sportsbook, I found it here the best sportsbook links online

Thomas asks…

what is your main thing on line?

what do you do?
read, research, watch movies, listen to music, program, on line games, poker?
i play poker, and do answers at the same time, if i get board of that i go to pogo and play there, if i get board there, i look up things of interest, i read the news as well. what do you do?

admin answers:

download / Music, photos, games
News – Industry, sports, CA

and ofcourse answer some Qs

Daniel asks…

Why is gambling illegal?

I read in the news that a house was raided for having organized poker parties where people pay to get in. I guess the investigation lasted six months and the people inside were arrested and had their cars impounded. Seems like a lot of investigative work and hard punishment for playing poker. Why is it considered such a serious offense? What is the rationale that makes gambling like that illegal?

admin answers:

It is only illegal in a very small percentage of the world. Maybe it is because the powers that be don’t believe people are responsible. They may be right.

Betty asks…

ENGLAND FANS: Should rooney be allowed to grace our national team ever again?

I know it’s old news but I’ve taken time to analyse it.

C ronaldo had her faults, but rooney got away with kicking the wrong balls, but then he shoved ‚princess‘ & got a red.

I admire the lad as a striker (and all-rounder), but can we afford to let such a hothead loose in such a crucial match? Even Pele in his prime would not be much use if he can’t stay on the pitch for the duration.

looking at the last hour of play, England would have trounced portugal if we’d had a full team.

In poker, rooney is what we call a fish – an opposing player dangles the bait – and he bites. That’s not good enough for someone who earns more in a week than most of us do in 5 years!
bcmiguel – if forca is spanish for f*ck, you got the 10 points!
if it was is first offence, I’d give him time to mature, but it’s not the first time.
Very good answer JT – I assume u’r referring to beckham’s kick on simeone. He was HATED by England fans for that until he redeemed himself (even I bore a grudge because he didn’t kick simeone hard enough!). My point is, wayne is still everybody’s hero, even though it isn’t the 1st time his temper has got him into trouble. what kind of message does that send out? England fans need to register their disapproval in no uncertain terms.

admin answers:

„In poker, rooney is what we call a fish – an opposing player dangles the bait – and he bites“
What an amazing comparisson, you got it 100% right. His opponents can (and will) exploit this flaw, that probably was the case on that game (even though Ronaldo had his reasons for getting involved, he probably thought it could be with him). He made the red card himself, he only had to accept what the referee said, it wouldn’t be Ronaldo’s opinion that would change the referee’s.

Now about cutting him off, I think they should blame him, and make him regret badly what he has done. If you do that, he’ll be ALOT better from now on.

We had this player Edmundo here in Brazil, they used to call him „the animal“ because he used to buy all fights. He noticed he lost alot of space on teams, because nobody wanted a player that you can’t count on, and changed his attitude. If Rooney realizes what is the meaning of a hot-headed player, how he is vulnerable to his opponents taunts, he’ll change.

Donald asks…

did you hear Marty schottenhemer was fired from the chargers?

well bieng a charger fan i was kinda hoping marty would be released but it coudnt have come at a worse time.the reason for his firing was he had two play off games and lost both of them and coudnt get along with the genaral manager aj smith who has stacked up the chargers like a world champion poker player stacking his chips.anyhow ron rivera jimmy johnston and cower are mentioned as possible hc’s.i think if we got jimmy johnston we woudnt lose a game for the next five years.the charger battleship only need a captain that can lead it to battle and let the ship win the war.just dont ground it like ol marty.anyhow good luck to marty and what do you fans think of this amazing breaking news?
football dude,all rivers fualt didnt make the superbowl? are you nutz? rivers recievers dropped 12 passes in that game including two in the end way it was philips fault.marty’s curse is too blame.he gets them too excited before a playoff game then they get to jittery then lose.peace!

admin answers:

Whatever. That is how I feel.

The new coach though is inheritting a VERY good team. If Foley can come back from his gunshot wounds, Merriam can play off the juice (not insulting here), the team will be awesome on both sides!!

Tomlinson is great, Rivers needs 1 break out wide receiver (I think) to go along with Gates to have 1 of the deadliest offenses in the league.

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