Your Questions About Pokerstars

George asks…

Can pokerstars block you computer or block you by IP address?

i am blocked from pokerstars (long story) and my account is still under review. SO i am trying to log in under a friends Username but it keeps saying the password is incorrect even though i have asked friend numerous times the spelling of his password. So does anyone have any idea whats going on?

admin answers:

Either they blocked your ip or your friend purposely gave you the wrong password so either get a new isp or log on from a different place be careful you might get your friends banned too

Lisa asks…

What is the best site to get the most of selling tournament tickets for pokerstars?

I have a tournament ticket i want to sell for cash for my account….What is the best site out there to get the most you can get for your tournament tickets?

admin answers:

There are several reputable people on parttimepoker that will pay 99% value for your $T on pokerstars.

Susan asks…

How do rakes work at online poker sites like Pokerstars?

Do they just take 5% of the entire pot when the hand is completed?
If I play a hand and lose a pot, does the dealer take 5% of the pot from everyone involved’s chip stack or simply from the pot (therefore out of the winner)

Or do they take a little bit from everyone before the hand?? – like, if I fold every hand, would I lose any money due to rake?

admin answers:

Your second answer. They take a percentage of what you win, up to a fixed maximum (depending on your limit).

The only way you’d lose money from folding every hand, is from the blinds. If there were no blinds, you wouldn’t lose anything.

Maria asks…

How long does it take to finish the 30k tourney that plays every saturday on Pokerstars?

I forgot to add that it’s no-limit hold-em.
The tourney is on every saturday at 2:30pm ET, the fee is 100FPP and the maximum amount of players that can join is 15525 with no re-buys and no add-ons. I want to know how long that tourney lasts on average from start to finish. I hope this is specific enough.

admin answers:

No limit hold’em ? That could last 7-8 hours poss. Depends if it is a cagey table or very aggressive.

William asks…

In your opinion, which is better – PartyPoker or PokerStars?

I know PokerStars is the bigger site with more members, but I actually prefer PartyPokers software interface – I think it has better graphics and sounds, which enriches the playing experience. Do you agree?

Also, how are the user interfaces for other sites like FullTiltPoker – anyone know?

admin answers:

I would say Full Tilt is better than both. They have really good software, although I think Full Tilt looks better. The site feels a lot more „fun“ and is very customizable. People have created really cool custom skins for Full Tilt. But what seperates the sites is their bonus. Full Tilt and Pokerstars both offer a 600 dollar bonus, but you can get 27% rakeback on top of the bonus which isn’t offered on Stars or Party.

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