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Ruth asks…

Tips on getting better at Texas Holdem Or Omaha?

So i play on and on facebook zynga poker and i always see people with like 1mill and stuff but i can only manage to get to 70k max and i get real annoyed.
i think i play my hands real well but it always seems to go wrong for me and i just then get impatient
tips or links to websites with good tips please??

admin answers:

Simple but boring rules to succeed:

1) Go for less people at a table, you want to increase chance to win as opposed to quantity when won
2) If you have a weak hand fold imediately, unless you are already in, or the stakes are really low and you can afford to be caught bluffing.
3) On the flop, if you don’t have anything and it’s raised. Fold.
4) If at any time you’re unsure of what to do, Fold.
5) You cannot bluff online without REAL money, as there will always be someone who will call your bluff, because it isn’t real money.
6) If you start getting bored, log off.
7) Go in with a small amount and play till you have more. If you are having bad luck (you keep losing) log off.

Nancy asks…

Is it illegal to play online poker in New York State (even if it is for free)?

A site like offers free poker online. Is it illegal to join this site in the State of New York?
I worded the question wrong I guess. When I said free, I meant for free, but with the possibility of winning money!

admin answers:

Legally you can only play for free

Maria asks…

Why can’t get to play blackjack as before?

Yahoo Games-blackjack is where I go to play blackjack. When I click play now I get a Poker Stars screen and nothing more happens. That site is and asks to install programl. I do not want poker—-just my Yahoo games free blackjack site

admin answers:

It could be an ad or a pop up

Laura asks…

How do I get Frequent Player Points (FPPs) ?

on ???? I have 3 FPPs but I do not know how I got them !
thanks Jason

admin answers:

You get 1 FPP for every dollar of real money spent in tournament entry fees, and you get points (depending on the rake) for playing real money ring games as well.

The exact amounts are pretty easy to find through pokerstars‘ help if you take the time to look it up.

Linda asks…

Is online gambling in Oklahoma legal?

Is it legal, in Oklahoma, to gamble online at sites like I looked around and didn’t get a clear answer, please post a link if you have one. Thanks

admin answers:

Strictly, no, online gambling is illegal in the US, google „Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act“ for more info. However, poker is in a grey area. Because poker can be considered a „game of skill“ it may be legal. I would check with a lawyer in Oklahoma to be sure. But I will say that PokerStars WILL take your money.

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