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Ken asks…

Does anyone know of any spyware/malware-free no limit texas hold ‚em multiplayer sites??

I think and have spyware…not sure.

admin answers:

I like

Linda asks…

Need a recommendation for a good poker PC game…?


I just bought „Hoyle Card Games“ for my PC, and I’m very disappointed with it. All of the Hold ‚em games are online…when the software is installed, it just takes me to To register for that, they want my real address, e-mail for bak account and age verification purposes, etc.

I thought was just for fun…? Why do they need all that info?

Anyway, if anyone can tell me more about a good PC gambling game or info about, I’d appreciate it.


admin answers:

Poker Superstars is what i think a great game for the pc it is alot better than the Hoyle version

Lizzie asks…

Main pots and side pots in poker?

I was playing online poker (over at and I had two pair (Aces and Jacks) and another person had pair Aces. I won the main pot (which was 2,345 chips) and the other person won the side pot (which was 2,410 chips). Why is this? I have the better hand (unless I’m missing something incredibly obvious)

admin answers:

Its complicated but try to follow along.

When the betting took place, im guessing you went all in at one point. Then he called ur in and raised it EVEN more, and when the other people put money into the pot, you DIDNT! Because u ran out of chips. So because of that, the game has 2 pots now, one where you can win (because you put money in it) and one where anyone else can win (because they put money in it and you did not)

also if somebody who put money in both pots won with an even better hand than your AA, they would win both pots obviously. But in your case, since you had the best hand, you only won the smaller pot because you had no money invested in the bigger pot!

WHEW! I hope you understood all that

Mark asks…

can i play online poker??!!!?

i used to play on but all the major poker cites got taken down for usa players. Is it illegal no matter what poker cite you play on? anyone know of any that i can play on that are legit , and legal.

admin answers:

The only thing that is illegal about playing online right now is using your own bank account or credit card to fund your online casino account some people might say otherwise but if you read the full UIGEA it doesn’t target the player specifically, just the banks involved.

I used to play on pokerstars too so I’ve had to find some other sites & I like they keep it updated so as the poker sites are pulling out of the US market they take them off.. Also… Bodog is still accepting US players until the end of the year & then is closing their market. But Cake poker & poker view are still online and haven’t issued any statements as far as shutting down.

Paul asks…

hide ip address from pokersite?

My pokersite that I use ( does not let me and my friend play together on a table or in a small tourney. We aren’t trying to cheat, as both computers are on the other side of the house from eachother. We just want to play together. Any help? I know it has something to do with an IP address.

admin answers:

Lots of options:

You can either use a program, such as GhostSurf or Anonymizer. Use Tor, in which case I would suggest TorPark, or use a public proxy, which has the same effect but is free.

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