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Joseph asks…

Poker Rules? All in and betting help?

Could anyone please help with this urgently.
In Texas Hold Em (no limit) what are the rules on somebody calling an all in and meeting the minimum bet.
I.e. if the blinds are say 100/200 and a person goes all in with 250 chips does the next person have to place 400 chips in the pot (to call the 250 and complete the minimum raise) and then all others have to call the 400 atleast to play. If no one calls this the player who placed the 400 in can take 150 back.
I have found these rules on the internet and it is how i have been running my tournement but 1 player is now disputing this and would like to resolve this asap.
Could people answer this could you please let me know if you are familiar with this and what poker background you have.
I would be most grateful for any help.
Many Thanks in advance

admin answers:

You are playing correctly. If there is only one caller, then the call is made at the all in amount. If there is more than one caller, the amount is equal to the Big Blind, and a side pot is created with the overages of $150 x number of callers. The all in player can only win the main pot not the side pot.

For a home poker tourney, you should keep a set of rules handy.

Here is a link to a free one, and a pretty good site for home poker tourney info. Http://

Good luck and have fun!

Jenny asks…

Rules to poker?

Can anyone please tell me the rules of poker and how to play in simple terms i’m a beginner is it similar to playing yahtzee,cause i can play that no bother.

admin answers:

It is true that there are hundreds of variations (in how the cards are dealt, how you bet, how many cards you get, whether certain cards are ‚wild,‘ or if there are ‚community cards,‘ etc.), but most center around having the best five-card hand. In order, from best to worst, the hands are:

Straight flush – 5 cards in consecutive rank, all of the same suit (the royal flush is the highest straight flush – A K Q J 10)

Four of a kind – Four cards of the same rank (for ex., J J J J)

Full House – 3 cards of one rank and two of another

Flush – All five cards of the same suit (hearts, diamonds, etc.); if two players have a flush, the flush with the highest high-card wins.

Straight – All five cards in consecutive rank (for example, 8 9 10 J Q); if two or more players have a straight, the highest straight wins.

Three of a kind – Three cards of the same rank

Two pair – Two pairs of same-rank cards

One pair – One pair of same-rank cards

High card – If nobody has even a pair, then the player with the highest-ranked card wins.

NOTE – some games employ ‚wild cards,‘ which can be designated as any other card in the deck. In this case, there is one hand that beats a Straight Flush, and that is five of a kind.

I hope this helps. Once you have the basics down, the fun part begins–all the gamesmanship, bluffing, and strategizing. Have fun!

Mary asks…

Texas Hold Em Poker Rules?

I’ve got most of it… But not the community cards… When the 5 cards are there, who can take them and when? If you need 5 cards in the end with the best score… Then how come theres only 5 cards on the table.. Doesnt that mean someone will end up with 4?

If me and my cousin are playing and we’re onto that part… Who gets what? Plz help
All 5 flipped cards? So you just ditch your current 2 cards?

admin answers:

The community cards stay on the table all the time – that is why they are called that: community cards – you use you own 2 cards and match the best cards that are lying on the table to combine your winning hand, but you will not physically take any of the 5 cards, you will just put your 2 cards down on the table when it comes to a show down, or you never show them if anyone else gives their hands up before it comes to a show down

Nancy asks…

Texas Hold Em Poker Rules?

If I’m playing Texas Hold Em, and I have a pair of 10s, and another person has a pair of Jacks, who wins the round? Or is the pot divided equally?

admin answers:

Among the pair of 10s and the pair of jacks the hand having pair of jack is the winner.

You can see about the order of poker hands ranking in the image below.

Betty asks…

A question about poker rules?

If person A has a flush with 3,6,7,8,9 and person B has a flush with 4,5,6,7,9. Do you look at 9 as the highest card and call it a draw, or do you go to the second highest card to see who wins.

If person A has 2,5,6,J,Q and person B has 3,4,7,9,Q. Who wins that do you go to the second card there or just look at both hands as a queen high.


admin answers:

A flush (when not up against a straight flush or royal flush) is won by the best hand, so person A wins.

For your 2nd question, person A wins with the better garbage hand.

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