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George asks…

Could I be ovulating early in my cycle Day’s?

I am on my 7 cd..My ovulation Calculator said I am not due to ovulate till the 29th of March my 12 cd to April 2nd cd16 I am already feeling the pains in my right side and showing CM signs of ovulation.. Could I be ovulation now or starting sooner then my calculator is saying? Would it be odd to ovulate on 7 cycle days?

admin answers:

Ok you could be ovulating early but there are other things that can cause this. Use a ovulation predictor kit to be more exact you can get a 20 pack for less than 20 bucks at walmart and test every day. Other causes for increased cm and pain could be a cyst or pcos which can cause you to skip ovulating or over ovulate as well as other ttc complications. Try the ovulation predictor watch for your lh surge along with watching the calender and your cm.

David asks…

What Item Would You Stick To My Wall?

Oh wow, so my room is always really simplistic, but I have this one wall, its quite small, dark blue, but I have random things stuck on it.
It started out with just odd sticky notes, then a giant calculator, and sticky note pads + pen.
Now theres pictures, a comb, odd packets of crisps, super glue, a penguin bar, paperclips, staples and a manikin hand Lol

If you could add something, what would it be ?

admin answers:

A pair of undies

Sandy asks…

How to calculate river discharge?

If river discharge = cross sectional area * velocity,

if my cross sectional area is 0.0084 and my velocity is 0.085, what is my discharge?

Help – I’m getting some odd figures on my calculator! 🙂

admin answers:

Hnot too sure

Thomas asks…

Can anyone give me a back-to-school supplies list for eight grade?

Here is my schedule if you need it:
P2: Tech Ed
P3: ODD: Health EVEN: Gym
P4: Algebra
P5: English
P6: Lunch
P7: French
P8: US History
P9: Earth Science

I already have a calculator, but nothing else.

I’m making a list now with links from Staples
It’s a scientific calculator… someone who has taken algebra, is that good enough?

admin answers:

P2: notebook, folder, pencil
P3: folder, pencil, paper, and notebook
P4:calc(u have one) graph paper, pencil, pen, erasers, binder, looseleaf
P5: notebook, binder, pencil, pens, looseleaf, eraser
P6: food!
P7: notebook, small binder, looseleaf, english to french dictionary
P8: book cover, binder, looseleaf, pencils, folder if needed
P9: notebook, binder, paper,pencils

I love accordian folders they make some for 9 subj. Also you may want scissors, white out, glue, colored pencils for maps, etc…

Mary asks…

Does match betting work?

If you use a website to calculate the odds for you – eg match betting calculator, fixtheodds, freebets for all – would this work? I’ve just put in £30 and before I go further would love some feedback. Thanks guys!

admin answers:

Ever notice that casinos are in large beautiful buildings?

Guess where they get the money.

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