Your Questions About Pokerstars

Paul asks…

Is there anyway to change my user name on Pokerstars?

I’ve only played for play money and didn’t know you couldn’t change your screen name once you created one. Do you think Pokerstars would allow me to change or start a new screen name?

admin answers:

Email their support team. If you have a good reason (they won’t just change it because you don’t like it), they will change it for you. Make sure you know a username that isn’t already taken, because they don’t want to send 20 emails back and forth with you trying to figure out one that is available.

„I want to be Alfern73“
„Sorry, that usename is taken“
„Then I want to be Alfern74“
„Sorry, that usename is taken“
„Then I want to be Alfern75“

You get the picture.

Helen asks…

How do you close your account at Pokerstars?

How do you permanently delete and close your account?

admin answers:

You cant delete the account, but you can have it locked under the responsible gaming option. You can lock it for anywhere from a week to a year I believe, however deleting it isnt possible. You can have support „permanently close“ it, however, make sure that you want to quit for life prior to doing so.

Donald asks…

Why havent i recieved my tournament winnings from pokerstars?

I won a satellite tournament with a 70 fpp buy in and i came in first but i didnt recieve my winnings of 700 fpp.

admin answers:

Pokerstars does not run tournaments where you can win fpp points. You won a 70 fpp buy-in satellite for the Sunday 200 grand.

Open Pokerstars, click on the „Requests“ tab, and then click on „Tournament Tickets.“ You should see that you won an entry to the Sunday 200 Grand tournament.

Joseph asks…

Why do I always catch bad cards on pokerstars at the final tables?

Seriously once I make it to the top 3-5% in the tourney I get pure crap. Its uncanny the crap I am forced to play at the end. Then I end up against guys who have pocket AA’s.

admin answers:

This just means that you will later also find yourself in the seat with the AA pockets.
I assume you have been playing NL HP. If so, then playing HP is not about ALWAYS having great cards. Yes, you need some luck to have good cards, and even some luck to beat good or bad hole card players.
What goes around, comes around in a large envoronement like PS. Although, PS random generator for number and method assigned to the tables is not what I call correct method, you can very much find yourself with almost any hand, and see them many times if you play regularly.

If you do not like the real money games go, or tourneys there go, then you can try a club site (a real club poker site, and not just a name) with a No-Risk System. Such as If you ant Bonus codes and such then you will need to go to FTC. Link provded in the source below.

Mark asks…

How do i turn off observer chat in pokerstars?

I’m viewing 4 tables and need to know how to turn them all off at the same time?

admin answers:

At your table click on the chip rack at the top of the table and un-click where it says „Show Observer Messages.“

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