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Chris asks…

Logarithm function question, final exam coming up?

I am only allowed to use a one line non-graphing calculator. Please help.

F(x)=2log (base 5) X

Vert. Asymptote
Horizontal Asymptote
Domain & Range
Is function F even, odd or neither.

Please show all work! , I need to memorize the steps. I have a exam in 10 days, and this is a question from the online hw due in 12 hours.

admin answers:

>>I need to memorize the steps.

No, you need to understand why things are the way they are. If you try learning math by just memorizing things without ever understanding them, you’ll just make it harder on yourself.

Since anything to the 0 power is 1, that means the log of 1 is 0, for any base. So F(1) = 2*0 = 0.

F(x) can be as big or as small as you want, since you can raise 5 to any power you want. So there’s no horizontal asymptote and no limit either way to the range.

You can’t take the log of a non-negative number, so the domain will be {x | x > 0}.

There won’t be a y-intercept, since again you can’t take the log of 0. In fact, the x=0 line is where you’d get the vertical asymptote, since you can get lower and lower values for F(x) but not 0.

F can’t be even or odd, because again you can’t take F(-x) if x is positive.

Nancy asks…

How to graph y=-(x-2)^2+1?

Given the equation y=-(x-2)^2+1,
find the equation of the axis of symmetry,
find the coordinates of the vertex of the parabola
and graph the equation.

I’d like to know how to solve this without just using a graphing calculator. The equation is set up odd and is throwing me off as to how I should find the equation of the axis of symmetry. Please help, thank you!

admin answers:

Vertex (2,1) axis of symmetry is x=2

the – infront just means that the parabola is going to open down.

The vertex is (2,1). When you have a quadratic formula in that form just get the opiset of the number inside the () in this case it’s -2 so it becomes 2
and the get number out side which is 1 don’t chane this one.

Since (2,1) is the highes point in the axis of symmetry is x=2, which if you graph it it’s a straight line up

this means that the points on the parabola will the same distance from this line

example: let say ur line of symmetry was x=o then if a point on the parabola was (-1,0) then another point will be (1,0) same distance from the line.

To graph this just right a random number in the equation like 1 witch is a small simple number to use.

Once you do that you will get this point (1,0)
so the other point on the other side of the line of symmetry will be (3,0)

now plot on the graph (3,0) (1,0) and (2,1) and you have enough points to make a parabola

Mandy asks…


If positive integers x and y are not both odd, which of the following must be even?
A) xy
B) x + y
C) x – y
D) x + y -1
E) 2(x + y) -1
Please provide your answer with step-by-step explanation and do not use calculator.
Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

admin answers:

A) and D)
Ideas: odd x even = even; odd+even = odd

Mark asks…

Mind Helping With a System of Inequality?

2x + 3y = 10
x – 6y = -10

I’ve been doing good up until now and I can’t figure this one out.

I’ve been using my TI-83 Calculator as it’s the easiest way to find the point of interception.

However with this problem, I’m getting a totally wrong answer from my calculator.

The answer should be (2,2) and I’m getting some odd combination of – and decimals.

Studying for exams is mind numbing. =p

admin answers:

Process of elimination.

(2x + 3y = 10) >>multiply this by 2, you get 4x + 6y = 20.

Then add the resulting equation to the other one.

4x + 6y = 20
+ x – 6y = -10

Here, 6y and -6y will cancel out, leaving you with 5x = 10.
Therefore, x = 2.

Plug this x value into any of the two given equations:

Using x – 6y = -10, and x = 2,

2 – 6y = -10

-6y = -12, y = 2

The point of interception is (2,2).

Hope it helps.

Lisa asks…

Has anyone taken a test for a city job in California? The job is for an Office Assist./Senior Office Assist?

I have to take the test on Tuesday. I was told I don’t have to take a typing test (odd) and I can bring a calculator. I have no idea what is on the test…Has anyone that works in an office environment at a city job (prefer in CA) tell me about their experience? Was it hard or difficult? How long is the test? Is it a timed test? Any information would be most appreciated. What do I need to brush up on? Thank you so much

admin answers:

Sorry, I didn’t see the question sooner. Hope your test went well. I would have told you not to stress about it. It wasn’t too bad was it?

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