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Sandy asks…

can you use a scandisk in a TI 89 Titanium ?

Somebody brought me this calculator and the sales person at the store suggested I will also want this.
Does it install on the inside?
I’m thinking they were confused with an alternate model
but maybe I am wrong and it can be upgraded
because there is no slot on the outside for it
unless it was suggested i put the scandisk in my computer and save everything i do onto that
very odd to me

admin answers:

Do you mean a Sandisk flash drive?
Scandisk is a utility to check for errors on your hard drive.

There is a mini-USB port on the TI-89 Titanium, but that is for connecting to a computer.

Thomas asks…

Creationists, can you help me….?

How do you explain Endogenous Retroviruses? The human genome is 3,000,000 base pairs and an ERV is typically 500 base pairs long. So what are the odds that human and chimp randomly share the same attachment points for a segment viral DNA? What about 2? What about over a dozen? There are 16 ERV’s shared with chimps. The odds of which would break your calculator. These are only K class retroviruses.

The human genome, in total, has over 98,000 ERV’s. These are in the same location for all primates and can be traced back through common ancestry and matches up perfectly with the tree of life. This is scientific. The evidence has been tested. The data has been verified independently all over the world. Please tell me how you account for this.
To those comparing it to colors of pants or the relationship between jellyfish and clouds, are these genuine arguments? Surely you understand that evolution is from decent with modification. Clouds, pants, and every other non organic thing does not procreate.

@ crybaby, I certainly agree that not every atheist is familiar with ERV’s but at the same time I would like to know how people deny evidence like this when it is presented.

@david brown, No. We share ERV’s with dogs in the exact places where we would expect to in regard to the phylogenetic tree.
@ Carbon14, that is the best comparison I’ve ever seen and I plan on stealing it for my own
@Booth, you are saying that without having any inclination of what ERV’s show. Try to understand. We share an ERV with chimps at points A, B, C, D, and E. With our common ancestor Australopithecus we share ABC and D. With a previous ancestor ie. early Lemurs, then AB and C with a previous ancestor like primitive shrews, and so on and so on
@Tristen, you have quotes that are mined/incomplete with some commentary from contributors. This is the same super reliable source that brings you this, Yes, volcanoes erupted to transport small animals all over the world after the flood

admin answers:

Seriously, you expect then to understand ERV’s
when they don’t even believe in The Phylogenetic tree.

You are asking someone how come 2+2=4
when they don’t believe in numbers.

Sharon asks…

Halloween Costume help!?

I need help with Halloween costumes! I’m 14 years old and a girl. I want something fairly unique where I won’t see many or any people wearing it. I don’t want a witch, devil…etc. But I also don’t want something TOTALLY unflattering and odd like a calculator or box. (I don’t wear/like skimpy clothes but I don’t want to look like a box). I was trying to think of someone whose known for being short because it would be funny-I’m really short for my age…so…any suggestions?? 🙂 I was thinking a ring leader circus person with a top hat and black with a suit jacket thing…but I’m not sure..

admin answers:

A gypsy or a fortune teller is cool and kinda sexy but not slutty. A pretty scarf tied over your hair, big hoop earrings, lots of big jewelry, flowing or gauzy skirts (layered) and a cool belt with a low cut blouse.

Carol asks…

Could I be pregnant? What are my chances?

According to an ovulation calculator (which is pretty spot on in my opinion) it said I was a little bit fertile December 31 (which is when I had sex), fertile January 2 and VERY fertile January 3. We only had sex on the 31st so what do you think my odds are of being pregnant?

admin answers:

Pretty good, sperm can hang out in there for a while. By my calculations you should have expected your period this week? Take an early detection pregnancy test with your first urine in the morning, if you don’t want to shell out the money for a fancy test, wait and take one next week.

Charles asks…

Birds of Prey 111 proportion( i think)?

In Birds of Prey #111 Barbara Gordon and the calculator are going out for lunch(they don’t know each others identity) The Calculator said to Babs:What are the odds to meet each other twice. Then she said thirty-four thousand to one. How did she do that? She does use proportion but what formula?

admin answers:

It’s just a made up number.

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