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Mark asks…

algebra 2 problem I don’t understand?

4x^5 ÷ |x|^5

is this odd, even, or neither?

*please help! I put it into the calculator but I still don’t understand!

admin answers:

EVEN function:
ODD function:
f(x) ≠ f(-x)
f(-x) ≠ -f(x)
f(-x) ≠ f(x)
f(-x) = -f(x)
Thus it is odd.

Steven asks…

Dreams about…?

Hello! I’ve been having very odd dreams lately. These dreams are about division in mathematics, in every dream I am able to rememeber. Yesterday I woke up with an odd thought, 7 divided by 23 and after checking with a calculator I was astounded to see I had the exact answer : 0.3043478260…. I was also amazed how I could remember such a large number. My main question is what could of caused this?
*excuse my spelling*

admin answers:

Dream detailing something in the mathamatical area you are about to encounter. Perhaps a test or something in life you have to figure out.

Helen asks…

Pregnant or flu?

I had unprotected sex on june 20th and june 25th, according to an ovulation calculator i was ovulating around june 26th. now on july 7th im feeling some odd symptoms that im thinking might be due to a pregnancy. i have been having dizzy spells, usually its when i first get up, also ive been having a nauseas feeling, no vommiting yet, also ive been experiencing some mild headaches and bloating as well as tender breasts and tiredness. if i am infact pregnant i would be 3-4 weeks. my period is due in about a week, but i do not normally feel this way before my period. any opinions on whether or not its pregnancy or just an unusual period? and what are some common symptoms had at four weeks pregnant?

admin answers:

Well hun, the only way to find out really is to either wait for your next cycle (period) or go and get a test done.
Hope you are prepared if you are pregnant.
& if not then it must be a irregular period coming along,
at 4 weeks preggy youll find symptons such as :
• 10. Tender, swollen breasts
• 9. Fatigue
• 8. Implantation bleeding
• 7. Nausea or vomiting
• 6. Increased sensitivity to odors
• 5. Abdominal bloating
• 4. Frequent urination
• 3. A missed period
• 2. Your basal body temperature stays high
• 1. The proof: A positive home pregnancy test.

Hope That Helps.

G O O D L U C K.

Sandra asks…

graphing y=cubed root of x?

when I graph this, I think that there ARE x values for this graph, because despite it being a root function it IS an odd function. I have always been taught it is.
HOWEVER my current teacher gives it NO x-values, and so do my calculator when I graph it. However I am not the best at using my calculator to graph so that is probably as a result of an error.
PLEASE, someone tell me, does this graph have negative x values or not?

admin answers:

Yes because you can take negative cube roots, you cannot take negative square roots

y=x^3 will give you negative values if you plug in values for x for example y=-2^3 = -2*-2=4*-2=-8

y=x^2 will always give you positive values because a negative times a negative will always be positive

the same goes for roots

John asks…

Married & Possibly Pregnant!?

I have a 31 day cycle. My last period started on January 27th. My husband and I have had unprotected sex on February 10th, 13th, 14th and the 15th. Obviously, I know it’s too early to show any symptoms but I’m so anxious. We would be thrilled if we are pregnant but this waiting, is killing me! What are the odds that I am pregnant? I’ve done the online ovulation calculators and if they are correct, I would have been having sex during my most fertile time! Please help!!

admin answers:

They are test that work as fast as 2 days after you become pregnant, just read the boxes.
One suggestion, you are putting stress on yourself by being so anxious, if you can relax a bit.

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