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James asks…

How much money in rake and tournament fees to major poker sites like Pokerstars and Full Tilt make per day?

With thousands of tables running 24/7, I cannot come up with any estimate how much money these sites rake in…Can anyone ballpark it?

admin answers:

It is between 1 and 5 millions a day.

Party Poker which is 3rd declared around 250 millions last year, so for pokerstars and full tilt it is more.

Jenny asks…

What prepaid card to use for deposits on pokerstars?

I have used the prepaid full access gift cards for deposits before, I’m just looking for one I can reload instead of buying gift card after gift card.

admin answers:

You mean an All Access, not Full Access right?

And Lara, hes talking about a pre-paid gift card to use to make deposits from the U.S. Not for a list of Ewallets that don’t accept U.S. Players.

Anyway, you can buy them or find a retailer near you who carry them at

Michael asks…

How many play chips have you racked up on PokerStars?

I had gotten up to just over 200,000 chips last night, but I couldn’t resist the urge to keep pouring 40,000 into one table and going all in with good hands. I kept getting burned by bad beats and next thing you know I have 0 chips again.

admin answers:

I have over 21 million play chips on partypoker

Chris asks…

Where can I sell pokerstars play money chips after black friday?

Do you think black friday has affected play money chip sites? Is it harder to sell now and do you know any sites that still buy them?
Dawn don’t ask me why ppl buy why don’t u ask the millions of idiots who do before black friday.

admin answers:

Yes but its done threw paypal now.

Maria asks…

How do people get so many play chips on pokerstars?

Without Buying them…Is there a really easy way to do it?

admin answers:

Sit down at a no limit table, push any 2 cards, and pray. If you bust, reload your play chips. Rinse, repeat.

Once you build up a decent number of chips (say, more than 10,000) open up as many no limit tables as you can play at once, wait for good hands (88+, AT+), get all in, and pray no one sucks out. Move to higher limits as you build up enough chips to do so.

Don’t bother bluffing or slowplaying. If you get AA just go all in even if it’s for 100x the big blind because you’ll probably get 3 or 4 callers anyway.

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