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Paul asks…

How do I add color to my PHP calculator?

It’s a simple calculator I just want odd numbers to be pink and even numbers to be purple.
My calculator works I just need the color codes. Please help me!

admin answers:

/*divide by 2 without rest = even*/
/*divide by 2 with rest 1 = odd*/
Where $num are your numbers

Susan asks…

Please help! How to make a PHP calculator?

I would like the odd numbers to come out green and the even to come out pink.

admin answers:

This tutorial will teach you how to make a calculator using PHP.

Firstly, create a new .php document and copy/paste the following code into it.

<form method="POST" action="“>

Lisa asks…

Is it odd my college does not allow calculators in their math classes (algebra – calc 3)?

It is completely no calculators at all. The problems on exams are suppose to be written so you don’t need one.

admin answers:

Actually yes that is very odd. My college restricts calculators to certain types but they are required for math classes and used very heavily in class. You’re still required to show your work on tests though so you can’t just use the calculator for everything.

Robert asks…

I have a question involving numbers…?

I was goofing around on my calculator and found something odd, and I’m wondering if it’s a known property of numbers, and if so what is it called and where can I read a source on it? The oddity is:
Any three digit number whose digits add up to 10, (for example 505 or 622 or 730) when added to 341 always equals a number divisible by nine. I’ve checked all possible combinations. Please help!

admin answers:

18 is divisible by 9 so that’s why

Thomas asks…

Pregnant or flu?

I had unprotected sex on june 20th and june 25th, according to an ovulation calculator i was ovulating around june 26th. now on july 7th im feeling some odd symptoms that im thinking might be due to a pregnancy. i have been having dizzy spells, usually its when i first get up, also ive been having a nauseas feeling, no vommiting yet, also ive been experiencing some mild headaches and bloating as well as tender breasts and tiredness. if i am infact pregnant i would be 3-4 weeks. my period is due in about a week, but i do not normally feel this way before my period. any opinions on whether or not its pregnancy or just an unusual period? and what are some common symptoms had at four weeks pregnant?
PS: also, been urinating more often!

admin answers:

I say start taking prenatal vitamins just incase you are pregnant, you can buy them over the counter at almost any store. This is real important because the baby is forming a lot of vital organs, etc. That starts as soon as you get pregnant and the spinal cord will be closed by the time you find out that you are pregnant so they are very important. Second, I would take a hpt when you have missed your cycle, sometimes you can get ones that will tell up to 5 days before you miss your cycle, but they still might give a false neg. Make sure you use the first morning urine when you do test because your HCG hormones will be the strongest then and that is what the test picks up. The bad thing about PMS symptoms and pregnacy symptoms is that they are the same for both. Some women just dont experience all of them and some dont exper. Any of them. Your body can also change so your old PMS symptoms can not always be a good indicator.

Good Luck and get those Prenatals.

According to my calc you should have started your cycle July 10. Today being the 14th you are 4 days late and if you are preggo you should be 4 wks and 4 days. This is based on if your last cycle started on June 13, ovualtation on June 26. And if your cycle is every 28 days. You would not be 10 or 11 wks like one said because I am 11 wks on Sunday and I got preggo May 13th on my ovualtion date..

And frequent urination does happen in the first trimester and in the 3rd trimester, it does not mean you have a UTI. This is because in the 1st Tri the baby however small it is is laying directly on the bladder then it moves up in the 2nd tri (this is the good tri) then as the baby grows it starts putting pressure back on the bladder again and this is usually in the 3rd tri. If you want some good information there are books avai. At your local lib. I also have one, actually two called What to expect when expecting, I did not pay anything for them if anyone wants one email me and I will mail it to you.

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