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Helen asks…

internet explore will not let me download certain games,like the Zynga Poker game. How do I disable the explor?

admin answers:

F^ck explorer download Mozilla firefox

Donald asks…

Good poker games for a group of 5 or 6?

Getting together with some friends tomorrow night, and I’m kind of tired of their same old games that usually require no skill and a ton of wild cards. Would love to spice it up a bit, but I pretty much only play hold ‚em. What are some good games that are easy to explain (we will be intoxicated) and don’t rely on half the deck being wild? Perhaps a useful link to a site explaining rules?

admin answers:

How about Omaha.

Basically exactly the same as Hold’em. But you get four hole cards instead of two. You MUST PLAY TWO CARDS from your four, along with three from the board. So if you get dealt four kings you DO NOT HAVE QUADS you just have a pair of kings together with whatever else is on the board. If there are four spades on the board and you hold one spade, you do not have a flush, because you have to play two of your hole cards.

Other than that basic rule, if you can understand Hold’em you can learn this one in a few minutes. Just remember ALWAYS TWO of the FOUR hole cards, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Linda asks…

list of different types of poker games to play at home with friends and rules of games?

admin answers:

The three most popular games are here, with rules:

Texas Hold ‚Em

Omaha Hi-Lo

Seven Card Stud

You can buy a 300 count poker set at wal mart for about 20 bucks.

Have a good time!

Daniel asks…

What are some good match the pot poker games?

admin answers:

Are you talking pot limit games? If so, any game can be pot limit.

Other than that, the only thing I can think of is between the sheets. Everyone starts with an ante. We start with a quarter. The dealer turns over the top 2 cards from the deck, and you bet whether or not the next card will be between them. If it’s not possible to get between the, you owe a nickel (or a quarter of you’re playing with $1 antes). You have to get your original ante back before you can bet anything else, then after that you can bet whatever you want up to the size of the pot. If you lose, you have to put that amount into the pot. If an A is the first card, you can choose if it’s high or low. If an A is the 2nd card, it’s high. You can also pass if it’s something like a 6 and an 8.


5-10 you bet your quarter and get a 3, you have to pay the quarter. If it’s 6,7,8,or 9, you get a quarter from the pot. The next time it’s your turn, you can bet whatever you want.

If the cards are 5 and 6, you have to pay a nickel because it’s not possible top get between them.

Sandra asks…

Are there any barroom poker games like the one that used to be at Quenique in or around Madison, WI anymore?

if so, please tell me when and where. Hopefully someone answers me soon. I am antsy for a game this weekend.

admin answers:

Travel a bit and roam to kenosha. Check out this well established poker league. We are a fun crowd – can get kinda loud – swear alot – but all in all have a real good time. Crowd ranges in age from 21 up to 85. The majority of the folks are in their late 20’s to mid 40’s. Usually about 70 to 80 people on Saturday nights.

Click on the link for locations and saturday. There is a Brieses Brew and a Lumpys. If you like a more mature crowd go to Lumpys – if you like some challenging poker at its worst and best – try Brieses Brew

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