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Linda asks…

TI 89 Titanium help?

Hey there!

I’ve got a TI 89 Titanium calculator, and everything seems to work fine except for the graphing function.

For some odd reason, it won’t display the background axis.

For example, if I input ((x)^2)+2, it will give me a parabola a little off center with no x or y axis in the background. Its as if I drew a parabola on a blank sheet of paper.

Any help so I can get my axis and my sanity back?

admin answers:

Go to the equations list (Green diamond key then F1). Then press the Green Diamond key and the key to the right of the 7 key (looks like this: | )

Once you do that, you should see a window pop up titled „GRAPH FORMATS“, you can then select different options. The fourth one on the list is „Axes“, go down it and and set it to „ON“ then press Enget to save it and you should now see the axes.

Chris asks…

Why doesn’t my keyboard work on my desktop?

Everything was fine up until last night. I was playing my Final Fantasy XI game and I was having connection problems so I decided to log out and restart my computer. Once the computer booted back up, my keyboard didn’t work. It’s wireless, but that doesn’t matter because I plugged my wired one in and that one still did not work either. It’s odd though because I have a mute button and a calculator button on the wireless keyboard, when I hit those keys it’ll work just fine. So I know the whole keyboard is getting a connection of some sort and the laser seems to be fine too because no matter where I put it I still have the same problem…any segestions? :/
It’s just the keypad part with the letters that isn’t working.
lol, it IS wirelesss. Fresh batteries. Plugged in. Mouse is working fine.
Ugh, reinstalling the keyboard would be nice if I can find the CD…lol! But I have powered down my computer and taken the plugs out and waiting around 10 minutes to plug it back in and still nothing :/

lol, is this a lost cause?
Okay, Joeygirl, I did that…went to Start > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

I thought it didn’t work until I tried doing it a second time and it said it was working on it…what does that exactly mean?
I did it Joeygirl, I went back yesterday and restored my computer up to then. Still no good…so I’ll try to change the date form yesterday to a couple weeks ago…hopefully that will help!

admin answers:

Plz restore u r sys. Go> start menu> programs>accessories>system tool>system restore>then show your system date click ok that’s all

***** Warrning********* u r any file want in desktop plz cut or move anther drive…..

Mandy asks…

Missing/stolen iPod touch?

My 2nd generation 16 GB iPod touch went missing in my school locker room a few days ago. I can vaguely remember putting it in my bag about 5-15 minutes beforehand (which was left out for quite some time), but it is possible that I did not. The odd thing is that my phone (LG Dare), 100 dollar calculator, and Sony in-ear earbuds were left in the bag, but the Gatorade (which was in a drink pocket in the bag) was also gone. I have recovered the serial number through iTunes (being that it was the last iPod plugged into the computer) and have filled out a form with security in my high school. Additionally, I created a Facebook group to spread the news even further. Below are the steps I will eventually take if nothing shows up soon (not necessarily in order):

-Notifying Apple (one person told me that the iPod can be tracked via use of the serial number, but most people on the Internet say they do not help) listing
-Filing a police report
-Craigslist listing
-Further social networking and instant messaging to spread

The latest idea I have came up with is tracking my AIM login statistics. If the iPod was stolen and the thief used the AIM application installed on it with my screen name and password saved (thus logging into my account), is there any way that I can map out the location?

Will Apple help me? Is their anything else that I can do? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

admin answers:

Keep an eye on ebay listings for your region as well…perhaps the thief will try to sell it…

Helen asks…

I have a question about smoking?

I just read that 1 cigarette will take 11 minutes off my life. How does 1 cigarette affect 11 minutes? Then I put all the years I smoked into this fancy smoking calculator, and it came out to 4 years and some odd days off my lifespan! Does this mean, since I smoked a cigarette, I’m going to get struck by lightening 11 minutes before the storm comes through? Or does it mean I’m gonna get hit by a bus 4 years and some odd amount of days before I’m supposed to? You know what I mean, help me out here….

admin answers:

In my opinion its crap… Some people say 7 minutes.. Its just to give us an idea like the doomsday clock does, i guess its just to show how bad smoking can be…
In all fairness its not bad, its just like being addicted to chocolate or fast food… They are bad for us too but no one makes a big deal out of that… And they cant really prove that smoking causes cancer…

Robert asks…

Does anyone understand this stuff? Help?

Using your graphing calculator graph the function f(x) = x4 – 4×3 + 3x + 5.

Identify whether the function graphed has an odd or even degree and a positive or negative leading coefficient. Explain why.

admin answers:

Ha! It’s funny because the answers are seen in the function itself, but they want you to identify the features.

Hint: We already know it is of an even degree because the highest exponent on x is 4, but we can observe this in the graph by visually noting that both sides (left/right or pos/neg) open in the same direction (up/down)

We also know that the function has a positive leading coefficient because the coefficient on the term with the highest exponent (x^4) is one, but we can observe this in the graph by nothing that both sides open upwards.

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