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Donna asks…

Is it bizarre that Ronaldo’s „much wanted“ baby is currently in the care of his mother while he is on holiday?
ristiano Ronaldo’s Russian underwear model girlfriend puts on her best poker face as she steps out for lunch with the footballer following news of his shock fatherhood.
The Portuguese star is said to have paid a surrogate mother to have his son – an American woman who asked not to be identified.

The child is now said to be in the care of other members of Ronaldo’s family in Vilamoura, including his mother Dolores.

admin answers:

All these celebs live in a totally different world to the rest of us, they believe the hype & would not know how to live a normal day to day life…. He probably didn’t want to have a child with a gold digger russian, but he doesn’t mind dating her…….. The way he looks at it is he has sole custody of the child & always will have……. So it is his life, guess he is free to choose as many others have done… I don’t think he’s all that, has a fit body but his face nothing special… Least his family are there to support him & the child will want for nothing, except a mum…..

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone possibly have an answer to this??

Why is there almost a ban on boxing coverage and
news from CNN, ESPN and Sports Illustrated?

I can’t understand the genesis of their apparent
hatred towards boxing? It’s like they refuse
to acknowledge the sport even exists.

ESPN is supposed to be about world wide sports, and
even they are so prejudiced and against boxing, they
won’t even mention the news and highlights from the
Boxing World. At least ESPN shows some boxing,
they just won’t do any news reports on it. But Sports
Illustrated has completely walked away and ignored

It’s so bad, Sports Illustrated and ESPN would sooner
report on poker and Horse racing, than
boxing!!!!!!!!! Horse racing? Dude, poker is not even
a sport!!!

admin answers:

Too violent? That’s a crazy answer….To most people, MMA seems to be more violent, and MMA is more popular than ever! America loves violence and violent sports–that’s why hard hits make the ESPN highlight reel…that’s the only reason some people watch hockey!

I say that boxing isn’t covered because people are basically sick of the inconsistency in the sport….There’s just way to many sanctioning bodies, and each one declares it’s own champion. There’s the IBA, IBO, IBC, WBO, WBA, WBC, etc. So at any given time, you could have 4 or 5 different champions of any weight division. Hard to follow a sport when you don’t even know who the champion is.

And speaking of weight divisions, that’s another reason the media doesn’t cover boxing. There’s too many weight divisions which again, causes confusion among casual fans. Who is the champion?

Mary asks…

Have you read Jihadist today this Tuesday?

Jihad du Jour (Latest News of the Day)
Moscow Thwarts Religion of Peace Bomb Attack…
4th Victims Dies in Medina Attack, May Have Been Infidel…
Arabs Describe Destruction of Jewish Holy Sites as ‚Joyful’…
ICC Implicates Sudanese Government in Darfur Crimes…
NYC Officials Worried Over Iranian Agents…
Daughter Used to Pay Off Poker Debt in Pakistan…
Kite-Flying Festival Nets 14 Accidental Deaths…
Gay Brit Finds Dubai Not the Place for ‚Bottom-Slapping’…
al-Qaeda Plotted to Kill Blair in Front of the Queen…

.(News Archive on Right Sidebar)…
Islamic Terror’s War on You
Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 19 During Cheney Visit…
Russia Pushes for Lifting Sanctions against the Palestinian Government…
Deadly Shia-Sunni Clashes in Yemen…
Israeli Man Stabbed to Death in the West Bank…
Woman and Children Killed When Rocket is Fired into a Home…
Missouri Muslim Indicted on Weapons Charges – Purchased Automatic Rifles, Grenades…
All these stories are from credible news organizations and can be found on the link above. Please feel free to share your opinions of what the stories mean.
I find this P.S. laughable, concerning the main website that you cited in your post.

Now that makes no sense. The stories are linked from

admin answers:

Just another day at the office for the religion of pieces. I don’t even know why they report this stuff. News would go something like this,“ a muslim man forgave a woman today for not wearing her hi-jab. Ahmed Al-Jihad said that ‚women are truly beautiful, spirited and intelligent members of our society and shouldn’t be hidden away from a world that desperately needs as much talent as we can find in our efforts to move towards a more modern society.‘ More on this at the 6:00 hour“. Why do they keep telling us how upset muslims are? How offended they have been or how many people died today at their hands? It isn’t news. It’s par for the course.

Paul asks…

Do I just need more RAM or is something more sinister going on?

A few weeks ago my computer died whilst playing online poker. Got the BSOD followed by computer refusing to boot at all. In the end I got it to boot up from the cd drive to run memtest86 and windows memory diagnostic to check my 2gb RAM. Sure enough both of these scans found errors and so today I opened the machine up! Took out 1gb or stick of RAM, and left the other 1gb in the machine. I then ran both memory tests again and this time no errors were found!
So in my mind I had removed the faulty RAM and maybe vista would start for the first time in weeks! It did start to my relief and it seemed to be running ok. Then all of a sudden while browsing the net, the computer just froze. Now it keeps freezing often and randomly, sometimes even just by moving the mouse!
One bit of good news is that it is JUST freezing and no longer giving me various BSODs.
Does it keep freezing because 1gb of ram is not enough?

Another interesting thing is that when the system died on me 2 weeks back I was playing online poker and was always wondering if this caused the problem. Then today I ran a virus scan and it was scanning fine until it came to scanning one file which froze the scan and computer. The file was the following – c:Program filesfull tilt pokergraphics…widget.Tournamentinfo…
Obviously this file is from the same site I was playing poker on. Does that mean anything or am I reading too much into it?

admin answers:

You should scan your registry to find out the reasons! Because most computer pop up problems are born in a part of your system which hardly anyone knows or understands – the registry. This is the central database of Windows, which actually stores some of your computer’s most important files and settings. Everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper are kept in this database, making it one of the most used parts of the Windows system.Because it’s used so much, the registry database is actually prone to becoming corrupt and damaged, which makes Windows struggle to read the files inside it. Unfortunately, 100’s of registry files are corrupted every week and Windows has no way to protect against it – it’s this problem which causes most of your computer’s problems. The problem is that when these files are corrupted, your PC actually takes longer to read them and often can’t read them at all.This causes errors on your PC which seem to appear randomly. You can use a Registry cleaner. Http:// Registry cleaners are tools which have been created to scan through the registry. They work by scanning each file and then checking to see if it’s corrupt or causing problems. If they find that it is broken, the registry cleaner will replace or fix the file for you to make your computer speed up and become free of errors. You should have a try! Good Luck!

Sandra asks…

„Immmrw1“ you are wrong about John McCain being a communist spy. It is far more subtle?

Think of it as playing poker.

What if China and North Korea knew John McCain’s „poker tell“

When you can monitor a mans reactions under extreme stress (torture) and document and record each reaction you can get an insight in how to push that mans buttons in some future conflict or trade agreement.

Example: In a trade negotiation with the Chinese. The Chinese don’t want to win or seem to come out ahead in a trade negotiation. They just want to win key points in the fine print (like carbon emissions).

When you know a President’s poker tell you own him in a trade negotiation.

But the Chinese will always make sure America comes out of the trade negotiation looking like the winner. John McCain will come out of these negotiations looking like Reagan. Like a hero.

Because a President McCain that the Chinese can’t actually control (John McCain has not been brainwashed). But when the Chinese can just slightly out maneuver a President McCain by reading his poker tell.

Well that’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

The Chinese are looking 200 years ahead and John McCain is a very small peace of their over all plan. We are at war with the Chinese and America doesn’t even know it. We go to Walmart and purchase those cheap products made in China and say to ourselves „great deal“. Not understanding that China is becoming the new world power and we are turning into Great Brittan, A great power of yesterday.

Speak truth to power.

Mr. News

admin answers:

Is there a question in any of this or just a point of view in disguise formatted as a question?

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