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James asks…

How can a video poker machine have a 100% payout yet I still lose?

How is it possible to lose on a video poker machine that has a 100% payout? How does that work?

admin answers:

Human error is one reason. Every mistake from optimal play can cost you money.

For example, if your playing Jacks or Better and get dealt:


In general, you want to keep 3 to a royal in these situations, except when you have a straight penalty card…which is the Jh here…which will make keeping 4 to a flush slightly more profitable. So it’s likely 99% of casual players will make the wrong play in this case and this will cost you a few pennies on the hand most likely. See: for more details

The second reason which will happen to even flawless players is Variance. Roughly 2% of the total return on most video poker machines comes from hitting a royal flush. So for any stretch of hands where you do NOT hit a royal flush, you will likely win only 98% of your money back. Considering on most video poker machines, one can expect to hit a royal flush every 40,000 hands or so…it would be quite easy to lose a sizeable sum of money before that royal comes your way.

Steven asks…

What is a decent amount to deposit in a online poker website?

I understand a lot of people say do free rolls or only deposit what you can afford. Free rolls i just don’t have the patients for and i have decent amount of money to spare. My question is how much is a decent amount to make for a first time deposit into a poker site?

admin answers:

If you are looking for the best poker site, i recommend this site

Helen asks…

How to make a folding legs and frame for a poker table?

I’ve got an octagonal poker table of length 120cm, which makes it over hang any kitchen table I or any of my friends have. So i have had the idea of making some legs for it and some kind of frame around the legs to keep the table sturdy. Any suggestions how this should be done?

admin answers:

The link below is a Google search for „build a poker table“.

It is amazing how many sites there are that show you how to build your own. I’m sure amongst them you’ll see how to best fit folding legs to a table.

William asks…

What is the best way to win money on horses and poker?

I know that this is a nutty question but since all the alleged corruption in horse racing I really would likie a sensible answer.

Also in poker are there such things as strategy or is it a lucky game?

admin answers:

Well, in poker it’s mostly about outplaying your opponents – knowing their tells, and not having any of your own, knowing how much to push them, when to bluff, etc. It’s all about reading people.

As for horses – don’t know about that. Go for an underdog, and hope you win.

Of course, as they say, the best way to win at gambling is not to play at all.

Laura asks…

How profitable are casino poker rooms? Do the casino’s compete with each other for poker traffic?

Just wondering if the casino’s are active about trying to draw a customer base to their poker rooms? I’m‘ from washington and I know a lot of the local casino’s have shut down their poker rooms because they are not profitable enough. Cheers for any help.

admin answers:

Poker is not a very big money maker for casinos, but it draws people into their building and there is at least a chance that they’ll play other games as well as poker. The only money that a poker room makes is the rake, which is usually only 5% of the pot and capped at $5-$20 depending on the stakes or a seat rental fee that they charge to play, usually something like $10/hr. That’s not a great profit margin, which is why if you have a player card you don’t get a lot of bonuses for playing poker compared to other games.

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