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James asks…

How many cards are dealt in Poker?

I know all the rules of poker, but everyone keeps saying it’s five cards dealt. However, when I play online I am only dealt 2 cards. So, how many is supposed to be dealt for Texas Hold Em? Thanks.

admin answers:

2 in texas hold em then you try to make the best poker hand with you 2 cards in your hand and the 5 that get dealt but in normal poker you get 5 to 7 hope this helps

Ruth asks…

What do you know from the Pocker rules?

State the Poker Rules?

admin answers:

The Pocker rules are easy to learn, perfecting your game takes a lot of practice and skill. The rules help the player in improving the talent in playing any type of gambling game related to casinos, poker. Pocker integrates strategy, tactics, and psychology and produces a challenging and charming game. Learning the pocker rules makes to know about all the other games in the online gaming.

Sandra asks…

poker help rules???

in a game of poker at the end do any other of th e players apart from the winner of the round have to show there cards??

admin answers:


Folded hands are discarded

At the showdown, if you called someone and they have a better hand then you, you are allowed to MUCK (discard) your hand.

If you get called, and your hand is better then the oppents, then they are allowed to MUCK their hands.

This goes around the table in the play order.

Charles asks…

Do the rules differ between traditional and online poker?

admin answers:

Not really. The mechanics of the deal, the ranks of the hands, the posting of blinds, and so on are virtually identical in both online and land-based poker rooms.

However they differ in the rake and tournament fees. Usually, both of these will be lower at an online poker rooms since the overhead of running the room is so low, competition for players is so fierce, and the speed of the game is about double that of land-based games.

In online poker, the turn timer is more strictly enforced due to people who have slow connections and people who love to waste other people’s time merely because they are immature. Usually a turn timer won’t start counting down in a real casino unless the person has had a long time to think and another player at the table calls for the timer because the player is taking too long to think.

Chris asks…

Poker traker auto rate player rules?

Does anyone know where i can get some good auto rate player fules for 6 man sit and go. Poker tracker.

admin answers:

I hear them talking about this in the forums at

I think there is a program called texas calculatem that does what you want?

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