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Sandy asks…

How do you simulate decision making in competitive games like poker or chess on the computer?

Are there any good books that I can use that will help me design a realistic sort of decision making process for the computer in a video game that I am working on?

admin answers:

Welcome to the big wide world of AI. Long story short, ai is a bitch. That said, it is a very large field with lots of research. Although only really about 50 years old, a good deal of interesting work has been done. If you have access, to a university, a 1 semester course will give you much more than any amount of reading will do.

If you are looking to design ai specifically for games, there is a great online portal relating to it with many articles from people in the industry.
Find it here[1].

To get you started at the general gist of how you might go about making a fairly simple AI (the example is for chess) have a look at [2].

To get an idea of the kids of algorithms used in AI have a look at [3][4][5].

Good luck!

Michael asks…

On poker games, can the bank be reset to zero after you’ve incurred a certain amount of debt?

admin answers:

With real money? No, lol. With fake money, usually.

Lizzie asks…

What are some good strategies for $1 NL poker games on PokerStars?

admin answers:

A clarification would help, do you mean $1 NL Tournaments, or $1 (.50/$1) cash games?

There are literally hundreds of online sites and books that offer reasonable strategies, but I’ll give you a couple of ideas on both tournies and cash games that have worked for me. For cash games it is heavily dependent on who is at your table.

Cash games – Best option is to generally play tight and aggressive. Don’t fall in love with AK and don’t continuation bet with it too much. Take notes on your opponents, and not just when they play against you, but when in hands you are not in. Mix up your play some, usually from late position. Occassionally raise from late position with suited connectors and small pairs. If your big pairs (AA, KK) end up seeing a bad flop (789 with a flush draw you don’t have) be willing to lay them down. I know these are generic and vague, but might give you some topics to search for in online articles, or books.

Tournaments – $1 tournies are full of very loose players. I suggest playing very tight early on, and when you hit a flop don’t slow play, people will be eager to get their chips in there to pay you off. As you get close to the bubble start becoming aggressive to pick on the short stacks trying to cruise to the money. Even though it might only be a $1 or $2, many people psychologically will become very tight to book a cash. Right after the bubble, tighten up a bit again as all the survivors will now be looking to get their chips in to try and get lucky and build a stack, or bust and move on to the next tourney.
All the money is at the top positions (top 3 or maybe top 5 or so). So keep that in mind as the players get shorter and shorter. Keep trying to build your stack, and if you find yourself short (less then 10 BB) be willing to get aggressive with lesser hands unless you’re very near a significant payout increase.
Use position to your advantage as much as possible, or if short stacked, get your money in there to negate the positional advantage of others.

Have Fun!

Ken asks…

illegal poker games at a bar how to stop it?

here is a bar down the road from me that is very bad for our community. today i just got word that they are holding an illegal poker game today gambling.. i was wondering who can i report this to

admin answers:

Hmmm… Who do I report illegal activities… If only there was an organization that arrested people that do illegal things… That was supposed to protect and serve the community…

Call the Electric Company! Duh!

Jenny asks…

Looking to learn how to play poker and other gambling games?

My parents always play casino slots. Either it’s the penny or nickle games. But they’re very confusing to understand and I don’t want to lose my money.

admin answers:

Understanding these games isn’t going to help you make money.

Casinos were built for one reason only – to TAKE your money, not to give you money!

Poker is a fun game. Do some searches on-line for how to play. You are NOT going to win at it consistently, but at least if you know HOW to play, you might get lucky once in a while.

To be extra clear – you aren’t going to win ANY money consistently at a casino. The most healthy way to approach casinos is as entertainment venues. If you can afford a hundred bucks to blow having fun at a casino once in a while, then go for it. It really can be fun. If you’ve got any notions that you can make money, you are in for a sad reality check.

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