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Lizzie asks…

where to find local poker games?

I tried on the internet already, unless there is some miraculous site I missed. Anybody help me? I’m sick of playing online.

admin answers:

Depending on where you live, ofcourse, but most pubs and clubs have a poker night at least one night of the week in my city. Give your local working mans club, RSA and local bars a call someone will have something going on as Texas Holdem is so popular now.

Joseph asks…

Should I start playing poker games in sunday school?

Wouldn’t Jesus be much more likely to return sooner so he could barge into my church and throw a little temper tantrum the way he did when had overthrown money changers when people in his day were gambling in church?

admin answers:


Linda asks…

Is it ethical to play online poker games for money?

It’s the latest fad with almost a guarantee of 6 or more hours of Texas hold’em shown on TV a day with tons of ads to play these online sites. The government says they are illegal and that we should not participate on these sites. Millions ignore these laws and play anyhow. Most don’t report their earnings to the IRS (well’s illegal to play).

admin answers:

There is a big lag on your computer… This showed up in October, 2011.

The big poker sites no longer service the United States, there is a lot less poker on TV with hardly any commercials.

But back to the question, if you aren’t cheating, why wouldn’t it be ethical? You are playing a game with your own money.
(and it was never illegal to play… Fact check)

Charles asks…

do they use automatic card shufflers on TV poker games ?

such as „late night poker „, „poker after dark „, „high stakes poker “ etc, or do they do all the shuffling manually ?

admin answers:

Manually mostly But i have seen them use shufflers.

Mark asks…

What are the major differences between poker tourneys and cash games besides the obvious?

Like which one is more profitable?
I’m a pretty good tournament player but never tried cash games.
What strategy should I use in cash games in comparison to tournaments?

admin answers:

Different skills in cash games and tournaments.

Which is more profitable? Depends which ones you play better.

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