Your Questions About Poker Rules

Charles asks…

I have seen some rude people play poker. Are there any rules of etiquette in playing poker?

admin answers:

•Be polite.
•Do not swear or be verbally abusive.
•Be modest when you win.
•Refrain from criticizing another player’s play.
•Limit unnecessary chatter to avoid disturbing active players.
•Do not hit on another player, or the dealer, no matter how attractive you find them.
•Be kind to the dealer. Good karma brings good cards.
Table Presence
•Manage your table space reasonably.
•Keep your chips and/or money on the table.
•Do not handle another player’s chips or cards.
•Do not stack chips in a way that interferes with the deal, the viewing of cards, or another player.
•Chips and/or money on the table are not to be transferred from one player to another.
•Protect your cards so that no one else can see them.
•Keep your cards on the table. Holding cards against your shirt or putting them in your pocket or lap is not allowed.
•It is proper for an opponent to complain when a player consistently has the opportunity to see another player’s hole cards. It is improper to complain when someone exercises this right.
•If you step away from the table, please advise the dealer of your intentions.
•Play at a reasonable speed.
•It is each player’s responsibility to follow the flow of the game. Play in turn. Do not act out of turn.
•At no time should any player or spectator make statements that could unfairly influence the play of a hand.
•Do not comment about the cards you just threw away.
•Refrain from making comments about possible hands. „The board just paired. Someone could have a full house now!“.
•Do not splash the pot.
•Do not string bet.
•Verbally announce your action, particularly in games with non-professional dealers.
•Chips and discards should be placed as far forward as reasonably possible to make it easier for the dealer to handle them.
•When discarding your hand, do so towards the dealer at a low level of flight so that no other player can see what you have discarded.
•Do not expose any cards until the showdown.
The Showdown
•Do not mis-declare your hand.
•Show your winning hand quickly. Do not „slow-roll“ (allow your opponent to think he’s won when you know he hasn’t).
•Rabbit hunting (asking to see what cards would have appeared, had you bet) should not be allowed.
•Every player must play in their own self interest. Do not „soft play“ any other player(s).
•Agreeing to „check-down“ a hand after a player has gone All-in is not allowed.
•Coffee-housing (speaking during a hand for strategic purposes) is allowed in North America but please exercise restraint.
•Asking to see called hands unnecessarily is bad manners, a waste of time, and is generally bad for the game.


Susan asks…

Chris Ferguson bankroll rules? (poker)?

So im confused slightly with the virtual rules he’s set up. the rule is that you should never buy into a table more than 5% or your bankroll. say your bankroll is 10,000. can you explain in detail how you would decide what kind of table you would buy into?

also, he says that you should leave a table if you get past 10% of your bankroll. set up a situation and in detail explain how it works.

thanks to everyone that helps

admin answers:

What don’t you understand? If your bankroll is 10,000, then 5% of that is $500. So you’d sit at a table where you can buy in for $500. That’s probably a $2/$5 no-limit table, maybe a $1/$2 if they let you buy in for that much.

If you built that $500 into $1000 (10% of your bankroll), then you leave, because if you have $1000 on the table, then you could risk that much if you have to go all-in against someone else with more.

Sandy asks…

What are the rules when you have to show your hand in Poker?

As in when you bet and someone calls, who has to show first? When can you much your hand and when are you forced to show it?

admin answers:

The one who bets has to show first.. The person who calls doesnt have to show his cards but if he does he has to show everyone on the table and not just to one as to show that he didnt throw the game to give someone an unfair advantage on the table..

Linda asks…

where did the advancing button rule in poker originate?

Any poker players, dealers or floor men out there? Where did the advancing button rule originate?

admin answers:

Probably Las Vegas

Chris asks…

How many different three of a kind hands can be drawn in poker?

Hint: Notice
(7♠ 7♣ 7♥ Q♦ K♥) (7♠ 7♣ 7♦ Q♦ K♥) (7♠ 7♥ 7♦ Q♦ K♥) (7♣ 7♥ 7♦ Q♦ K♥)
Are all different three of a kind hands
Use your results to explain why in the rules for poker four of a kind should beat three of a kind.

admin answers:

There are thirteen cards in each suit, and to get three of a kind, you have to find two of the three other matches to make three of a kind. So, you don’t care which three, just two to match one you already have. You have one, you must pick 2 out of the three remaining matches of the 51 cards left.

The chance of getting one to match is 3/51, two is (3/51) * (3/51)

To get all four, you need to get all three of the remaining or (3/51) * (3/51) * (3/51)

BUT – you get four tries for each hand to fill in the matches.

So, for three of a kind it’s [(3/51) * (3/51)] + [(3/51) * (3/51)]
(two tries plus two tries = four tries to fill in the matches)

For four of a kind it’s (3/51) * (3/51) * (3/51), but you only get one more try, so it’s:
[(3/51) * (3/51) * (3/51)] + (3/51)

The odds of getting four of a kind are smaller, so the tougher match beats the easier match.

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