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David asks…

Anybody want to trade me a Pokemon with Pokerus?

It can be a really lame Pokemon, too.
I have some cyndaquils and some totodiles, as well a bulbasaur I can trade.

admin answers:

I have some pokemon with pokerus.
Is there a pokemon you would want?
My fc is on my profile
tell me what time you want to trade.

Steven asks…

How do you get a pokemon to have pokerus?

I had a pokemon with it and healed and it didnt have it any more

admin answers:

If u have wireless internet in your house u could always trade pokemon in the gts. Usually i get a lot of pokemon infected with the pokerus. I also know that this virus heals during 3 days. However if u store the infected pokemon in the computer it will stay with the virus. You can pass this virus by carrying the infected pokemon in your party, eventually it will pass on to the others.

Sandra asks…

Is there anyone out there who is willing to trade an infected pokemon with pokerus?

Any pokemon is fine i’ve been trying to get one for a long time and I just wanna get an infected one

admin answers:

Well, a Pokemon with the Pokerus is something rare to come by. I’ve been playing Diamond for, like… It says 170-something hours, I have 3 specially colored Pokemon, (Dewgong, Pidgeot, Chansey, do not ask me to trade) and I’ve never come across anything like that. It’s a good status, so I don’t think very many players will be willing to trade… Sorry…

Joseph asks…

How do you get the pokemon disease pokerus in pokemon platinum?

admin answers:

You can either trade for it or battle every pokemon you ever meet.
If you want to trade then e-mail me at

James asks…

On pokemon diamond i have a spare mew with pokerus to trade?

my friend code is 2191 5362 7059. its levl 100 and not shiny. The pokemon i would like are darkrai, lugio, ho-oh, shaymin. if you dont have them offer me something else. Dont forget to leave you friend code.
i’m always on wifi but after 1pm not until 4:30pm

admin answers:

Ile trade my name is coles and my fc is 1289 5859 4518

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