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Susan asks…

Can pokerstars arrest you for a player saying you scammed him?

My friend got scammed on pokerstars from a guy acting like he was someone else and my friend sent him about 800 dollars..can pokerstars do anything about it? or can the police get involved? it seems to me he may be out of luck because there isnt much proof.

serious answers please, thank you

admin answers:

Serious answer – I believe your friend is seriously screwed. I totally agree with Jon.

It won’t hurt, however, to let PokerStars know what happened. Let them see all the transactions between your friend and the scumbag. Forward (or copy and paste) all the e-mails between the 2 people.

Who knows…maybe they can do something. I highly doubt it, though.

Bad beat, man. Bad beat.

William asks…

What is password for todays pokerstars million dollar challenge tourney?

admin answers:

I was looking around and im told the PW is „CADA“ I hope they are right.

Sandy asks…

What is password for todays pokerstars million dollar challenge tourney?

admin answers:

Meds is right, the password is DANIEL and if you’d like to get the passwords to these tournaments plus passwords to private freerolls and other promotions join the news letter and forum at

Ruth asks…

What’s the best way to reach supernova status on PokerStars?

I’m a HUsng player, $22 stakes, and I only have enough VPPs per month to reach goldstar. I’ve tried shortstacking 50 and 100NL with not much success. I wonder if buying in fullstacked at 100 or 200NL and just playing supernitty breakeven style would work. I need a supernova to tell me the best way to reach it..I need 70k more VPPs this year.

admin answers:

Most Supernovas (and almost all Supernova Elites) get there by multi-tabling at turbo SNGs. If you play 100 $15+$1 Turbo SNGs a day 5 days a week, that’s 2,500 points a week. 50 weeks a year that’s 125,000 points. Ta da, Supernova. Many people play a lot more than 500 tournaments a week so they get a lot higher though. I’ve seen more than a few Supernovas who get there at the $6.50 tables also.

HUsngs would be hard to do it on (for me anyway) because I think it would be too difficult to focus on more than a few tables at a time. 10 tables at the full table SNGs is no sweat for many people though. I’d suggest you play a couple hundred games and make sure you can be profitable before jumping into 10 tables at once though.

If you don’t have much experience at full table SNGs you might want to try your luck at the DONs. The strategy is easier to master, and the ‚good‘ DON players can play a ton of tables at once. There’s a guy on a forum I go to that says he often plays over 50 at a time!

I haven’t played much above the micro limits at ring games because I prefer the SNGs, but I’d imagine you could get there pretty easily at moderate limits playing 3-4 tables at once. Whether or not you’ve got the skill to play break even or better at these tables is not for me to say.

Good luck.

Sharon asks…

How many hands to reach Supernova on PokerStars ?

I am looking for an estimate of hands required to reach Supernova at $1/$2 limit holdem 6 max. Anyone know from experience?

admin answers:

I don’t know about how many hands you’ll have to play but at that level according to pokerstars you will only reach platinum star and to even reach that you will have to multi table 12 at a time 60 hours a week for a month. Here is the calculator so you can see for yourself theres also a video on it at my site.

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