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Nancy asks…

the big game pokerstars?

admin answers:

Fantastic question.

Let me think about it, and I’ll get back to you.

Steven asks…

Pokerstars: How can I make steady pay every week, without risking too much time or money?

Ok, so pretty much I know how to play poker and play it pretty well. I have won mtt and have a positive RIO in sngs. My game is a little rusty right now since I have met my girlfriend. But the thing is I want to work a regular job and do other things with my time as well so I dont have as much time for Poker as i used to, but it still is important to me. And i want the money i make to be supplementary. For the most part I dont handle my bankroll correctly, when my roll is high i play too small of games and when im low i play too of big games. So right now I’m asking someone who is serious about Poker to help me out a little bit here for 3 things. (1) Some advice on how to sharpen my game.. Patient play with a little bit of gamble. (2) How to manage my bankroll a little better, when its high or low. and most importantly (3) the games where the money is at for the most efficient use of my time. I dont have too much time to be playing against thousands of players for 8 hours unless its sunday warmup or mill. But i still want to put myself in the position to win a chunk of change without dropping too much time and money if i run cold. I’m open to suggestions of any kind (cash, sng, hu, mtt).. but i also want to find the sweet spot on my bat for a mtt that is moderate in buyin, not overwhelmingly time consuming in terms of players and hours i’m going to have to play, and that the payouts are decent if I make the final table. that being said thank you for your advice.

admin answers:

While I agree that cash games are, generally, the best way to make a steady profit, it really depends on the type of player you are.

If you have the type of patience it takes to grind it out at the cash tables, by all means, play cash games.

But I’d also take a look at SNGs. Many of the single-table SNGs offer a good chance to get a pay-back (2 in 6 at the 8-game tables, 3 in 8 at HORSE and stud), plus at pokerstars, if you do really well at SNGs and you make it in the top 30 or so for the week, you can get a bonus (from $100 up, depending on what stakes you play).

I think the best way to figure out what would work best for you is to keep detailed records for a couple months (as it appears you’ve been doing) and see where your ROI is highest. If it’s higher at cash games, stick to those. If it’s higher at SNGs, stick to those.

Another consideration is satellite tournaments. There are quite a few satellite tournaments that offer decent odds (like the IntelliPoker Open and the Sunday 1/4 million). You can put down about $8 (4 entries) and, if you even make one, that’s a $3 profit (an $11 entry ticket). If you get lucky or play well enough and make 2 or 3 of the 4 entries, that’s a $14-$22 profit. I’ve built up tournament money this way.

As for bankroll problems, I’d suggest this: Take whatever your session bankroll is currently (say it’s 8%) and cut it by 25% (to 2%). This forces you to play smaller, but it also allows you a couple rebuys in case you get that itch. If you play 8% of your bankroll and rebuy twice, you’re risking nearly 1/3 of your entire roll. However, at 2%, even if you rebuy 3 times, that’s just 8% of your roll. If you find yourself becoming more and more patient, increase this by increments of 1% until you’re at a level you feel comfortable (though I personally would recommend going no higher than 8%).

As far as time efficiency, definitely either cash games or single-table SNGs. You can, by far, make the biggest profits at tournies, but if you don’t get to the final table, they are definitely not worth the time and money.

Based on what you are looking for, I would stay away from HU and multi-table tournaments.

Richard asks…

Seriously, is PokerStars rigged?

Not asking this because im a losing fish, but a winner on stars, i just find my casino poker vs pokerstars completely different.

for example,

I have multiple independent poker pals that subscribe to the theory, „first one all-in must win“, which seems to hold on pstars, regardless of starting hand.

another observation; a big stack, with any mediocre hand, will bust out small stack if all in on bubble in a torn.

another, in low hand games, (eg omaha hi/low), low flops come down more frequently, than in a high hand game (hold’em or omaha).

I have a theory that stars have reduced the combinations possible to speed up their system… i mean, there should be approx 2.5 million community card combinations, what if on stars there was only 1 million… with the boring hands deleted (e.g. high card king is the best hand)… could you tell? backdoor full-houses and flushes are much more fun than winning with a single pair, right?

what do you guys think?

got any ‚crazy‘ stars observations/theories of your own?

admin answers:

I see this way to often. Let me try to explain.

1. A poker site gets no extra money rigging hands. They make rake on every hand no matter what. In fact, it would actually hurt a poker site to „setup“ players with very strong hands to go against each other. Every poker site has a set % of rake with a cap. Once the pot goes past a certain amount of $$, the site gets no more rake. So if a poker site was rigging hands, they would rig it for medium strength hands that make medium sized pots to maximize the amount they make in rake.

2. The reason you recall more strange things in online poker is because you simply play more hands than you do in a Casino. You don’t have to wait for dealers, drunks, etc. You can also play numerous tables online. I usually play 400 hands an hour online while only about 20-30 hands an hour live at a Casino.

3. In a tournament, the short stacks are getting desperate and go all in with a bigger range than the big stacks who are calling them. Therefore, they will lose more often than they will be winning because on average, their hands will be weaker.

4. Poker is a game that can have high variance(luck factor). Because of the variance, you might notice strange things happening in the short-term. However, if you were to keep a database of 100 million hands from Pokerstars, you would see that everything is normal.

5. These theories come about after people lose a lot of money due to playing bad. So don’t believe what you hear. Especially when humans have very selective memories.

Ex: I remember both times I lost to 1 outer river cards which gave my opponents quads and a Royal flush but I don’t remember anytime that I hit a 2 outer on someone to beat them. And I assure you, I have done it many times.

John asks…

Is it or is it not legal for US citizens to play poker online for money?

I’ve seen sites like PokerStars and FullTilt that offer for-money games open to US players, but I’ve also heard repeatedly that online poker is illegal here. These sites are big operations, not exactly running under the table, so how does that work?

admin answers:

There is no (none, zero, zilch) Federal law against playing poker online – all that exists is a banking law that bans direct electronic transfer of funds between sites and US banks.

There are some state and local laws against it, so it may be technically illegal depending on where in the US you live. However, these laws are also basically toothless and unenforceable, so I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep over it.

James asks…

pokerstars play/real money tourney question?

I usually play real life poker with friends and we do it like this, everyone buys in 5€ to join, everyone gets about 100 chips to play. Eventually some will start loosing as the blinds double every 15/30 minutes. In the end the winner takes everyone’s 5 € but the second place’s 5€, so if we are 5 players the total amount would be 25€ first place gets 20, second gets 5€.

Now the questions, does it work like this in pokerstars torneys aswell? If i buy in, say, 100bucks (real money) will i get a number of playchips to play the torney till i loose everything, or must i bet with my own money?

Regarding play money torneys, is there any advantage joining those? I read in the pokerstars site that sometimes they launch freeroll games that allows people to win real money without buying in, how can that be ?

Big thanks in advance

admin answers:

When you buy into a tournament, you get a certain number of tournament chips that do not correspond in any way to what you paid to get into the tournament. In most tournaments you get $1500 in tournament chips, but it can vary. These chips have no cash value. How much you win (if anything) in only dependent upon when you run out of chips.

Say you buy into a $5+.50 9 person tournament. $5 goes into the pot, and 50 cents goes to the house (that’s the website’s profit). So the total pot is $45. 9 player tournaments work on a 50/30/20 payout structure, so first place gets 50% of the pot ($22.50), second place gets 30% of the pot ($13.50), and third place gets 20% of the pot ($9). The fact that you started with $1500 in tournament chips means nothing, you just win (or don’t win) the corresponding amounts depending on where you finish in the tournament.

Freerolls are basically promotional tournaments to get people onto the site and familiarize those who win with real money play. It costs nothing to buy in and you can win real money. The catch in there are usually thousands of people and the prizes are very small. The winner of the tournament might get $50 or so, but most who cash out only get a $1 or even less.

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