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Lisa asks…

What is the password for the freeroll on Jan 25 January 25th?

Also does anyone know how to fix my Windows Media Player. I updated it 10 days ago and the link at ( ) hasn’t worked since.

admin answers:

Warmup is the password with no spaces same as last weeks

Sandy asks…

What is the Password for January 24th?

What is the Password for the Freeroll or how do you find it? The one for January 24th? Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Yes, „million“ is right.

You really should check to see if the question was already asked. This was already asked and answered 2 times before you.

Joseph asks…

What is the pokerstars tv freeroll password for tonight, I joined your community as recommended?

I did not get any e-mail

admin answers:

The password is ambrose06. For anyone else that wants the passwords to these events plus private freeroll events sent to there Email join the forum at

Charles asks…

What is or where to get Freeroll game password?

this is the game that has a $2000 prize and related to the PCA games.

admin answers:

ALL Passwords to ALL the Pokerstars „ Freeroll“ games are posted here:
1. Click on Topic Title. 2. Click on the latest Page Number for the latest password.
No need to ask for every new game.
So much easier. All the members are informed whenever a new password gets posted.

Everyone gets the passwords from the above link.
This is also the same game referenced during the PCA game live broadcast.

Betty asks…

Please, Does anybody know the password for the freeroll on February 20 20th?

Ever since I updated my video player. I cant see the feed.

admin answers:

Boeken05 if u win i expect a kickback….lol

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