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Paul asks…

what are some great poker sites where you can play for free on a mac?

I have and Full Tilt Poker, I don’t like full tilt because not too many games where you can play for free.

I do not intend to add money to the account, just want to be a free roller.

admin answers:

I use Carbon Poker and Playersonly Poker. Carbon has freerolls every 3 or 4 hours. Playersonly has a couple freerolls daily too, and plenty of play money games. If your looking for somewhere to play poker check out this site:

It gives in-depth reviews of all sites as well as an overall rating.

Helen asks…


OK I am going to be specific, I am looking for online poker tracker software for Macs, that can be used on PokerStars Multi Table Tournaments (mTTS)or SNGS . I do not need emulator info or programs that run on emulators or that work for only cash games. Can you help me?

admin answers:

If you have a facebook or a myspace account which everyone should know about…. They also have alot of applications. Search for „Texas HoldEm Poker“ (If thats the poker your looking for)….. Add the application but i’d prefer doing it on facebook because you get more chips after winning a good hand…. And you also get between 2000 to 4000 chips everyday you get on so be careful there are alot of skilled people online around the world…why not search for my email and add me on facebook or myspace and i’ll give you extra chips ok

David asks…

mac or pc? with certain applications?

does anyone know if any of the certain progams do not work on mac as i am looking to purchase a new computer and am not sure which to pick?

yahoo messenger
DVD Shrink

or any other commonly used program that may not be compatible?

admin answers:

Limewire – no
pokerstars – dont know, i doubt it.
AIM – yes
yahoo messenger – dont know
Azeurus -no
DVD Shrink – no

Richard asks…

Creating a second poker account on the same computer?

*Please Read*
Ok so i have a friend who created an account on a poker site on my computer, and now i want to open my own. The site will not allow multiple accounts on the same computer.

What i want to know is what does the site use to recognise your computer as already having an account, so that i can override it.
In my mind theres three answers and hence three solutions:
1) its a file on your computer that doesnt get deleted during uninstallations – in which case i an formatt my computer (ive been meaning to do this anyway)
2) it registers your ip address – so i supposed i could download a program to change my ip.
3) same thing but with MAC address.
Can anybody help with this. I know its a lot of trouble but im a big gambler, and everything has to be perfect. What would you recommend?

Thanks a lot

Btw the poker software is for pokerstars.

admin answers:

Email and explain your dilemma. They have the best response time and customer service record in the online community and it is the best way to get an accurate answer to your problem.

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know of any good Texas Hold Em Sites for Mac?

i really miss playing pokerstars

admin answers:

Buy a laptop.

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