Your Questions About Pokerstars Shut Down

John asks…

Why did pokerstars get shut down? please dumb it down for me so i understand?

i know it had something to do with money laundering but what exactly happened?


admin answers:

Simple. IT IS ILLEGAL to play at Pokerstars or FullTilt from anywhere in the USA. The US Gov cracked down on them.

You may want to consider
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With the above link I provided, you cannot lose money, and only win money. No limit on how much you can win, but maximum you can lose is something like $0.49 per day (yes, I said 49 cents), which is what your full membership daily cost would be.

Daniel asks…

after pokerstars and others got shut down, is there anywhere else to play for real money?

admin answers:

Now I use it has bodog & cake poker on there for united states players & it’s updated all the time so it has accurate information. I’ve seen some of their poker rooms have left because they pulled out of the us market but for the most part they’re all still active & accepting us players.

Michael asks…

Is the pokerstars web site shut down?

admin answers:

No, its just under maitenance sometimes..

Lizzie asks…

how long has bookmaker been shut down?

I was aware that fulltilt and pokerstars and a few other poker sites were shut down as of April 15th

but when did the govt start shutting down the books too?

Can anyone shed some light on this?

admin answers:

Hey there! Here is my post from the day after the US govt seized several gaming domains Apparently, this is more important than getting the economy going or the 4 wars we are fighting. 😛

Chris asks…

Where can i play poker for real money online?

after fulltilt and pokerstars getting shut down, is there any other site where i can deposit and play for real money?

admin answers:

Basically Full Tilt and PokerStars are the two well reputed and best sites to play poker for real money, but the U.S Government banned these sites for US players. So, I want to tell that these days every online poker room offers real money games, but it’s hard to tell that some sites are better than the rest. By comparing each site’s player traffic, bonus offer, customer support and deposit methods you can find the best real money online poker room. Here you may get a list of real money poker sites.

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