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Charles asks…

Does anybody know how to get missingno or pokerus?

Do any of you even at least know the gameshark code for missingno. but for pokemon emerald. Or pokerus?

admin answers:

Missingo-only exists in Red and Blue, was taken out of all the versions afterwards. There’s no code for it in pokemon emerald.

Pokerus-It’s completly random. I got mine randomly one day when I was in the grasses after mauville. You’ll discover it when you go to the pokemon center the next time, but it’ll only occur once per game.

Mary asks…

How Many Attack EVs Would 25 Machops Give With Power Bracer and PokeRus?

Does anybody know? Help greatly appreciated!

admin answers:

150… Each machop is 6, two for the pokerus and four for bracer. A much faster way to get attack EVs with pokerus is giving it the Macho brace and fighting bibarel and kricketune west of Pastoria, hardly anything else appears and they’re 8 EVs each.

Richard asks…

How to get Pokerus in Pokemon games?

In one of the Pokemon Chronicles,there was something about Pokerus,I dont remember the story but I remember Prof.Oak saying that name pokerus was given as it is a Pokemon and virus and it boosts the process of evolusion,it means that it makes Pokemon evolve faster.So heres my question,can you get pokerus in Pokemon games?If you can,how do you get it?And please give me additional details about Pokerus.
Thank You.

admin answers:


Thomas asks…

Anyone willing to send me the Pokerus?

I need the pokerus to EV train my pokemon more efficiently.
Please message if you can send me a pokemon that has the virus.
My friend code is: 5286 2065 0691
My version is pokemon diamond also, and I live in Canada, EST Standard time.

admin answers:

Email from my profile if you want it. Include the country/state you live in so I can figure out the time difference and pick a time that’s best for both of us. Add my White code on my profile.

Sandy asks…

Can someone please trade me a pokemon with pokerus?

I am desperately in need of a pokemon with ACTIVE pokerus!!! I do not care if its a level 2 pidgey, bidoof, or rattata as long as it is active. I am willing to trade a level 40 empoleon with a heart scale.

Name: ASH
FC:5199 6592 0482

admin answers:

Sure, I’ll trade you a pokemon with active pokerus. I’m not too bothered what I receive in return either. Email me on to arrange the trade. My F/C is 0647 0131 6780.

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