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Mark asks…

How do I get more play money on PokerStars?

I have used all my 1,000 to start and i tried to get more, and the box is grayed out. it will not let me get the other 2 1,000 chips in the one hour.. helpppp!

admin answers:

You can get $1,000 in play money chips up to three times in an hour. If you squander them, you have to wait an hour before they will give you more. This mechanism encourages players to treat their play money with more respect. So do that, play smart and you will be fine.

The only other options are to beg people for money which is a violation of PS TOS, or you can buy play money from a variety of web sites.

Carol asks…

What will happen if i sign up for pokerstars and im under 18 years old?

Will they do anything?
because iv seen on my dads one that there are freeroll tournements so i dont have to pay to play.
Do you think its possible?
what will they do if i find out my age?
Do they ask for a credit/debit card when signing up?
Iv got a bank account but its only a kids savings one…. 🙁

admin answers:

If they find out your age, they can close your account and keep any money in it. And no, it does not matter if you wait until you’re 18 to cash out. If they find out you played before you were 18, technically they can only keep the money you won before your 18th birthday, but if they decide to keep it all, there’s not much you can do unless you live in the country Pokerstars is based out of (so you can use them).

My suggestion would be to sign up for lesser name sites (stay away from Pokerstars, Full Tilt, Bodog, etc) and play with fake money until you’re 18. After your birthday, sign up for the good sites are play for real money.

George asks…

How do i take off my picture in pokerstars?

I changed my pic twice and now i want to take it off so it becomes plain grey when im playing but i don’t know how to take off my current picture.

admin answers:

Just email and they will very likely help you and they usually respond quickly.

Paul asks…

What happened to the PCA Fantasy Freerolls on Pokerstars?

It is usually going on all the time under freerolls but I havent seen it for a few hours now. Do they stop running on Sunday?

admin answers:

I think so. The last final was at . Like 5:00 pm (west coast time) last night (Sunday).
Have not seen any freerolls since.

Susan asks…

Are people still using bots on pokerstars?

I just started playing pokerstars again, before I play for money I was just wondering if people are still using bots or cheats, and how many people are?

admin answers:

37 people are using bots.

I’m kidding, you really expect anyone to know?

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