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Lizzie asks…

What are the rules of Texas hold’em poker?

admin answers:

Deal two cards to everyone
Burn a card
Flip three cards (the flop)
Burn a card
Flip one card (the turn)
Burn a card
Flip last card (the river)
Show cards

Richard asks…

In Poker, what does it mean to „count cards“ and why is it against the rules?

admin answers:

Counting cards in poker is not against the rules. It’s actually accepted and expected that good players „count cards“. Poker players that „count cards“ are usually keeping track of what cards have come out, and with that they calculate the possibility of them hitting the cards they need to have a strong hand. For example, if I have 4, 5, 6 and 7, there are 8 cards that can come out that would help me hit a strong hand (in this case, a straight)–four 3s and four 8s. Poker players calculate the odds and see if it’s worth putting more money in the pot depending on odds. For example if you calculate a 10% chance of hitting that straight, there’s 2000 dollars in the pot and only 100 dollars more to call into the pot. Then that is okay to call. You have a 1 in 10 chance of making 20 – 1.

Counting cards in different games, like blackjack however is against the rules, because it gives the player an advantage over the house. The odds in blackjack actually fluctuate and change after every hand (as long as you continue using the same deck). What card counting does is help you calculate when the odds are in the players favour–therefore you raise your bet at that time, even though it’s not a guaranteed win.

Michael asks…

Does anyone know about „POKER DICE“ rules and how to play it?

admin answers:

Check this webpage for the rules of poker dice

William asks…

what our the rules to Omaha poker ?

i play hold em but i just want to know how do you play Omaha poker

admin answers:

Well for starters, you have 4 cards instead of 2. However, you can ONLY use 2 of these cards to complete your hand. You also MUST use 2 of them to make your hand. So you would use 2 out of the 4 cards you have, and 3 cards from the community board. All the same rules for Hold’em apply. There is a flop, turn, and river exactly like Hold’em.

Below are 2 examples that I see a lot of Omaha rookies get wrong.

Example1 : You hold AsKdQdJh. The 5 community cards are 7h6s3s2sQs. You may think that you have a A high flush because there are 4 community spades and you hold the Ace of spades. However, you really only have a pair of Queens because you MUST use 2 of your hole cards.

Example2: You hold KsKcAc2h. The 5 community cards are ThTsTdAh5s. You think you have a full house with Tens full of Aces. You actually have a full house with Tens full of Kings.

Hope this helps you.

Lisa asks…

Help, can any one tell me the basic rules on how to play poker?

i have been wanting to learn for years and would just like toknow the basics for playing, thanks x

admin answers:

No i don’t, but if you find out please email me the answer

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