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Thomas asks…

How can I become a pro poker player?

I randomly found the profile of a pro poker player. He’s 30 and he goes around the world and plays poker for a living. That sounds like a nice job. He plays for pokerstars. It sounds like he’s made 800k so far. How could I do that?

admin answers:

Firstly you have to learn the game, I don’t mean just the rules but the strategy, mathematics and psychology that stand behind the cards, poker is a skill game just if you can play a large number of tournaments, to do this you’ll also need money enough to play 50-100 games, with online poker the price for a tournaments starts from 0.50$ but playing this kind of games won’t give you enough to live so you’ll have to use your income to increase the bankroll later yuo’ll be able to partecipate higher stakes games.

Michael asks…

If a person wins a large sum of money playing internet poker, what are the tax implications?

I am curious about a scenario where a person wins, say, $250,000 at a site like Full Tilt Poker. First off, can they just transfer the money into their bank account without any problems? After that, what kind of taxes will they have to pay? Are the any (legal) options that would reduce the total tax amount?

admin answers:

Any winnings in excess of $1500 are subject to a IRS form 1099. I would suggest withdrawing your winnings a little at a time, open multiple checking accounts and slowly deposit it a little at a time so as not to cause suspicion…..

Mark asks…

What’s the best way to make money on a poker review website?

I want to start a poker room review site, what’s the best way to make it profitable? How much should I put into it? What hosting, and what costs? I want to show up in google search.

admin answers:

Banner ads would be the best way to make money.

William asks…

How much money in taxes do you pay for playing online poker?

If you play online poker regularly, and say you’ve earned a hypothetical $5,000 in one year. How much in taxes would you pay? Would there be any exceptions or special circumstances?

admin answers:

Depends on the country.

Then it depends on your income. (And of course, if you declare it).

If you make 20K a year, then you’d add the 5K and pay taxes on 25K. If you make 100K a year, then you’d declare 105K and pay taxes. You’d pay a higher rate of taxes if you made 105K..

It’s income tax, not a gambling tax.

Sharon asks…

Can someone suggest me how can start at poker?

Hi used to play poker but now have not played it too long. I am bit rusty so can suggest me any tips to start off again and be successful poker player.

admin answers:

All we need in poker is a lot of concentration and a quick sight on the other players. As you have played before then you must be known to it. But still I’ve posted a link containing some tips of poker. Hope you will be helped.

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