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Mark asks…

Pokerstars Free Download Setup?

I am part of the older generation, and I am struggerling to set up a free pokerstars account for my grandson. Can someone run me through the steps of how to download and start playing. Many Thanks!

admin answers:

Once you download the software just sign up. You dont have to deposit real money right away. You can play playmoney till you get a feel for the site. And if you do end up depositing real money, dont forget to put the code „STARS600“ so that theyll match your initial deposit up to $600. Good luck.

Thomas asks…

can u download pokerstars,com on your phone?

i wana get a new phone and want to know if any verizon phone allows me to play pokerstars on the go

admin answers:

No you can not

Chris asks…

i keep getting an error code -2/-67 when i try and download pokerstars?

admin answers:

Q – When I run PokerStars I receive one of these messages: „Unable to get the latest version of the software from the server. Error code -2/-79.“ or „Unable to get the latest software version from the server. Error code -2/-67.“

A – There are 3 main causes of this:

1) Windows file permissions (usually Windows XP)
2) a full hard disk
3) a damaged filesystem with cross-linked clusters.

The solution will vary depending on your version of Windows. Please let us know if you are running Windows XP. If you are running XP, we will also need to know if XP asks you to choose an XP User when you start your computer. If so, we will provide you with a simple procedure to correct this.;

If you’re not running Windows XP, make sure you check your hard drive for available space on the hard drive, and run ScanDisk to check the integrity of your file system. If you’re not running XP and your disk is not full or damaged (ScanDisk reports no errors), please send us your log files from the PokerStars directory: PokerStars.log PokerStars.log.1 PokerStarsUpdate.log PokerStarsUpdate.log.1

Charles asks…

Has anyone downloaded pokerstars on a psp?

My husband is working on the road and we are looking at getting him a PSP to take out with him (it’s cheaper than a laptop) and we want to know if anyone has downloaded pokerstars or anything similar to their psp? Do you need a memory stick? Any help and knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

admin answers:

A PSP is a wonderful gadget for playing games and for other entertainment. I use mine when traveling.

But your husband and you need to understand that it is not a PC, and the way in which it works internally is very different. You cannot just download software like Poker Stars software and expect it to work. In fact there is simply no way it will work. The program produced by Poker Stars and all the other poker sites is designed specifically for a PC. It is not going to work on a PSP, which speaks a different internal language.

Ultimately a PC might be a more versatile and sensible option. This will allow him to run a wider variety of software including Poker Stars.

John asks…

Is there no straight poker on Pokerstars?

I downloaded Pokerstars but all I can find is Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud and other variations, yet no regular straight poker.


admin answers:

Do you mean 5 card draw? Yes it is there, it is in the section „stud“.
Additionally, has a better selection(more player) of free to play „traditional poker“ like your 5 and 7 card stud.

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