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Steven asks…

limit poker hand question did i make the right plays (drewski is me)?

PokerStars Game #15915991255: Hold’em Limit ($1/$2) – 2008/03/11 – 22:15:25 (ET)
Table ‚Euporie II‘ 10-max Seat #9 is the button
Seat 1: RvrRaven ($44.75 in chips)
Seat 2: huzz ($66 in chips)
Seat 3: Immobiliare ($50.75 in chips)
Seat 4: striker209 ($59 in chips)
Seat 5: CmnderMcbrag ($19.75 in chips)
Seat 6: raiseit68 ($38.25 in chips)
Seat 8: drewski23 ($31 in chips)
Seat 9: mysticlakers ($29.50 in chips)
Seat 10: tp12680 ($41.75 in chips)
tp12680: posts small blind $0.50
RvrRaven: posts big blind $1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to drewski23 [Kd 9c]
huzz: folds
Immobiliare: calls $1
striker209: folds
CmnderMcbrag: folds
raiseit68: calls $1
drewski23: calls $1
mysticlakers: calls $1
tp12680: calls $0.50
RvrRaven: checks
*** FLOP *** [Td 4c Qc]
tp12680: checks
RvrRaven: checks
Immobiliare: checks
raiseit68: checks
drewski23: checks
mysticlakers: bets $1
tp12680: calls $1
RvrRaven: folds
SwissBoy XVI leaves the table
Immobiliare: folds
raiseit68: folds
drewski23: calls $1
*** TURN *** [Td 4c Qc] [Ad]
tp12680: checks
drewski23: checks
mysticlakers: bets $2
tp12680: folds
drewski23: calls $2
*** RIVER *** [Td 4c Qc Ad] [Jd]
drewski23: bets $2
mysticlakers said, „ughhhh“
mysticlakers: folds
drewski23 collected $12.50 from pot

admin answers:


Betty asks…

poker question advice needed?

What is the most profitable games on pokerstars, I want to build my bankroll as quick as possible, as have competition with mate who can build the biggest roll, any tips and hints on what games to play. Should I play DoN’s or SnG’s. Starting off with $100

admin answers:

I’ve found the lower limit DoN’s to be almost ridiculously easy, so long as you are patient. My first month of playing them my ROI went from 19% to 47%. I did go through a rough patch, and realized after analysis that I was playing way too loose early on. The goal of a DoN isn’t to win, it’s simply not to lose. And at the $5 level and below there are so many fish that strict ABC poker will win most of the time. I’ve had sets busted by runner flushes of course, and bad beats do happen. But if you know how to minimize your risk and play solid poker it’s a gold mine. Wait for a top ten hand, push your money in. That’s seriously all the strategy you really need. They are the best games for steady profits, even if your profits aren’t as huge as they’d be with a SnG.

Helen asks…

What are the most important parts of a computer?

what are the most important parts of a computer and what does each part do like the hard drive the processor graphic card and the ram?

is a 3200 graphic card really that much diffrent then a 9100 card?
500MB hard drive 640 or 1T, do i need to waste all the money on 1T when i can get 500MB for cheap?

and the memory how much do i really need 2GB 3GB 4GB, or more?

Im not play very many games just use it for every day use surfing the internet i want it to be fast and able to handle some minor games like battlefield and pokerstars.

the processor intel or AMD? big difference? and the number of cores dual core triple core or quad core what’s the big difference how important is the number of cores the processor has?

admin answers:


Hard-Drive: Encode long term data onto them for future use Examples of long term data include, but are not limited to Programs, Movies, Games, and Music.

Processor: Central Processing Unit that executes and monitors all programs, and services that you open or have already opened.

Graphics Card: Graphics Processing Unit the function of this card is to generate and output images to the display.

Ram: Random Access Memory holds temporary memory Examples include but are not limited to Internet Browsers, Games, and Operating System Processes.

Yes, a 3200 is a hell of a lot different than a 9100 btw.

For Your Needs I Would Go With This Setup:
1) 500GB Hard-Drive
2) 4GB RAM
3) 2ghz or over INTEL Quad core processor
4) at least an Nvidia 9500 graphics card

That will prove to be a reliable and quite fast system for everyday multi-tasking and light Gaming.

Intel is better right now PERIOD, they have processors with better efficiency due to their internal structure and they also use less power which in turn makes them cooler, which makes them last longer, which saves you money. ****NOTE**** INTEL processors will not work on AMD Motherboards and vice-versa.

For the last question. Dual Core Processors have 2 cores which allow them minimal multi-tasking and mediocre performance in modern games that allow 4 cores, while 3 cores are better 4 cores are still preferred as in the future most applications will be programmed in a way that will allow for all four cores to be utilized and the program will run faster than it would have with the 3 or 2 core processor ( a lot of programs are already this way as well as most games ), And 4 cored processors allow for a great deal of multi-tasking as each of the cores can run its own processes.


Michael asks…

Poker player poll? 8 questions?

I just have a few questions for any fairly regular poker players (Mainly online but offline is ok too)
1) How old were you when you learnt the basics
2) If applicable, when would you say you progressed to a competitive level of playing
3) What sites (if any) do you use?
4) What format do you prefer? tournament, cash game or other?
5) Preferred game? (i.e no limit texas hold ‚em, pot limit omaha, razz)
6) How would you rate yourself out of ten, skill wise? (compared to other casual players, not professionals)
7) When did you start playing for money online? if applicable
8) What would you say plays a bigger factor in a game of Texas Hold ‚em? Luck or skill?

Just a study im doing of fellow poker players, and i needed some general idea of what you think as a community.

My answers:

1) 7 or 8
2) Probably 13 or so
3) Pokerstars and Full Tilt
4) Heads up tournaments
5) No limit Texas
6) 6 or a 6.5
7) 13
8) For a professional, 100% skill, for me 75% skill ( i sometimes rely on a little bit of luck )

Any answers would be much appreciated and a great contribution towards getting in an accurate average for the community in general.

admin answers:

1. 12 years old when I learned the basics.
2. I progressed to a competitive level shortly after learning how to play, perhaps just a few months later.
3. (JOIN)
4. I enjoy both, it really depends on what I’m in the mood for. I usually prefer cash game.
5. Texas Hold’em
6. I haven’t played in a while. I’d say maybe 7 for now.
7. Don’t play for money online, only in person
8. Both are huge factors, can’t pick one.
Luck is big because it determines your cards. Skill is also big because you can manipulate the other players into thinking you have something when you don’t, or vice versa.

Carol asks…

answer only if your a serious poker player.?

My poker playing background basically sng’s im just a little above even…I hit it big on a few big mtt tournies and won about 8000+….So i’m not a pro by any means but im not bad.

This is a very general question but I just need to talk to someone and figure this out…….i play mostly 5.50 or 11$ games……I consider myself to be good but I go through these slumps. I feel like i completly forget how to play poker. I get horrible beats mixed in with donkish play.

I take a few days off but that doesnt work. How do I take my game to the next level…I feel like I could get to that next level if I could just avoid these 30-50 game streaks where I dont cash…Its crazy. My sharkscope graphs show me going consistintly up except for these 30 game streaks everyonce in a while

Here are my sharkscope graphs(if the link doesnt work and you feel like wasting two searches on me its ajtitans at pokerstars and full tilt)
my bigger tourny victories were on partypoker before they quit allowing U.S. players

admin answers:

I looked you up on, which is a very good place to track your tournament progress. It will show you your „streaks“ so that you can see how you’re doing. I didn’t see where you hit your $8,000 plus winnings, in fact, when I looked you up on, it said that your total winnings on Pokerstars was $2,441.11 and on Full Tilt it is $708.19. I ‚m curious where you hit it big on the few big MTT tournies you mentioned.

I am not a professional by any means. In fact, I’m not really even that good. I haven’t won as much as you have in the past but I have noticed a couple of things. You will have the streaks in poker. Even the best players go through streaky periods where they don’t win or even cash. I find that when I’m playing I have a tendency to go pretty far in a tournament and then for some reason, just as i’m about to cash, I get reckless, or something stupid happens and I get bumped just before cashing. And it keeps happening.

When this happens, I just take a moment to re-evaluate my play and strive to do it better the next time. You can do things like limit your self to only playing the premium hands, no matter what. Don’t play the crappy marginal hands like 9-10 suited and stuff like that. Play only the best hands and try to get your money in when you have the best of it as often as you can. When you find yourself in a „streak“ that’s not going your way, you have to vary your play, maybe tighten up a little bit, play a little more conservative, but then get aggressive when you need it.

I’m sure none of this helped, but I feel your pain, pal! We’ve all been there. Look up the userid Johnnybax on He is considered one of the best online pokerplayers ever, and has won a World Series of Poker bracelet. He has won almost 1 million dollars in online tournaments on Pokerstars alone, yet if you look at his non-cash streak statistics, you will see that he has had SEVERAL streaks of not cashing in 15 or more tournaments in a row and had a streak of 38 tournaments once where he did not even cash. So you see it happens to the best of us. So just be patient and things will turn around. See ya at the tables!

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