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Donald asks…

how to download a new version of pokerstars?

pokerstars new version

admin answers:

My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question not even 5 days ago, but I couldn’t find the answer. If it’s possible, try getting help from someone with more knowledge/experience/expertise, like a professional if it’s possible. This can be pretty important.

I saw a forum with this online, but I didn’t have time to read it all. Try checking it out. I want to help out more, but I’m not 100% sure about the answer. Sorry I’m not much help. I hope you found your answer! Good luck! JS

Susan asks…

How can I access the PokerStars cashier in the US if I don’t have a working version of the software?

I can’t cash out my money from Pokerstars. It says that my software needs to be updated, but I can’t update because I am in the USA. I can’t download the new software either. All I want to do is cash out my money and use my fpp’s…

admin answers:

So email their support and they’ll help you out. I can’t get your money for you.

George asks…

How do I download exe files with ubuntu linux 6.06?

I’m trying to install pokerstars and am having trouble downloading the install file.

admin answers:

The software is for Windows and you are using Linux, how you think its going to work ?

Steven asks…

can the pokerstars software be downloaded and run from the playstation3 system?

admin answers:

I don’t think so, but it would be a quick e-mail to find out for sure:

Daniel asks…

pokerstars real money?

i just downloaded pokerstars, but i can’t for the life of me find the real money games.
do i have to download something extra or go on the website and pay somewhere there?
plz let me know. a link would be helpful if it’s on the interwebs.

admin answers:

Yeah..You are using

you want to use. WWW.Pokerstars.COM

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