Your Questions About Pokerstars Shut Down

Lisa asks…

My new computer shuts down.?

Hello guys,
i assembled my new computer about 2 weeks ago and i have this problem: the computer shuts down all of a sudden.

After i noticed this i experimented my self:
– Left the computer for about 24 hours working and it didn’t shut down. Then opened together a lot of programs – downloading files, scanning the computer, error checking, defragment, firefox… and then all of a sudden it shut down. When i started immediately the computer after about 5-6 seconds it shut down again.
Yesterday’s example: Left the computer for some hours open, and then started playing in PokerStars, then in the middle of a game the computer shut down. Tried to open it immediately and after 5-6 seconds it shut down again (once more before starting windows).

I took it to the guy that i bought it and said everything seems ok when he runs a Burnin test as he told me. He does not understand what is wrong with it.

The only „cheap“ thing that i have put on the computer is the power supply..

Thanks in advance

admin answers:

Have you calculated your power supply rating? That maybe the problem with unstable power supply with many programs running at the same time.

Paul asks…

Is eChecks for Pokerstars secure?

I’ve been wanting to deposit some money into Pokerstars so I can play a little bit, and my credit card company won’t let me, so I checked out eChecks.
First off, is it secure? Am I safe to give Pokerstars my checking information?
Secondly, would be bank be okay with me doing this? I’ve read online stories saying that their banks shut down their checking accounts because online poker is ’suspicious‘. I use Wells Fargo by the way.
And last is there any other option for me to get money into my pokerstars account? Would my credit card company change my security settings so I could deposit some money, or is there another option besides eChecks?

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

I would say its safe I live in the us and have used e-check twice and never had a problem.

Joseph asks…

where can i still play online poker for money?

Since some online poker sites were shut down earlier this year, I haven’t played online poker in quite a while. I used to play on pokerstars but as far as I know they are still down and I can’t play there for money anymore. Are there still legit online poker sites out there that will allow me to play for money? I do not like Ultimate Bet! Any other site is fine though 🙂

admin answers:

I like to use it has cake poker, bodog, and a few other poker sites on it they keep it updated so with all the changes in the poker industry right now they remove the ones that are no longer accepting players & stuff.. They accept US players too.

Ruth asks…

trouble on pokerstars?

i keep disconnecting and then the whole site shuts down, ive changed ports and done everything the tech team has told me to do but still it wont work…has any1 else had probs like this and how do i fix it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

thx in advance

admin answers:

It is a glitch in their new software, all will be good within the week

Daniel asks…

Programs freezing my computer with Windows 7?

Certain program are locking up my computer when I try to run them and I can’t figure out the cause of it. My computer has Windows 7 and completely locks up to where I can’t move the mouse or do any keyboard commands so I’m forced the shut it down with the power button. The two programs I have come across that cause this are any Steam powered games and just the Steam application by itself and also PokerStars. PokerStars works fine until I get into an actual „table“ to play a game. Any ideas are much appreciated

admin answers:

Do you have the brand and model number?

It sounds like your PC might be overheating. You can try cleaning out the dust with a can of air. You can find them at any office supply. Unplug your computer and follow the directions on the can. Be sure to clean out dust from fans and heatsinks.

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